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Sep 21, 2019
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Houston, TX
Hello guys. New guy here, currently in Houston, Tx.
I am planning my first (hopefully of many) trips to Africa, most likely Namibia and I am already in touch with Kowas Hunting Safaris. I have been cruising the forums trying to obtain as much knowledge and information as possible. I am amazed at all the experience here, and hope I can contribute meaningfully some day.
I have done a lot of wingshooting in South America, where I am originally from. Also hunted deer in CO and Texas.
Welcome to AH Sponxx! Nice to have you join us and take part of the conservation. Enjoy exploring the site.
Welcome to the AH community. Yes, you will find all kinds of useful information, good advice, strong opinions and friendly banter.
Welcome to AH!
Welcome to AH!!
Giday and welcome to the A H forums Sponxx
Welcome from a fellow Native Texan. There are quite a few of us in the Houston area
Glad to have you aboard. Read, enjoy, learn, and participate. We're always looking for new input.
Welcome aboard Sponxx. Glad to see you joined up. Unless you've already booked your hunt, write up a post stating your wishes and desires and a number of qualified outfitters will offer you their proposals. Enjoy the planning, and let us know how you make out.
Welcome. You've come to a good place. There's an astonishing amount of good information here. I think I've set the AH search bar to smoking!
Welcome to AH.
Welcome to our forum Sponxx. I'm in Arkansas about 400 miles from you. Lots of African hunters in Houston....that also happen to be pretty good at treading water!!!!
Welcome to AH !
Sponxx, welcome to AH! Glad to hear you have an Africa adventure in the works. You might as well start planning your second trip, because it will happen I’m certain! Have a grand adventure!
Welcome to AH
Welcome to AH!

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