Leopard - How I Hunt (Zoom Safari #3 by Nathan Askew)

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Leopard - How I Hunt...
An in-depth look at leopard hunting and the intricate details of scouting, baiting, set up and hunting of this most illusive predator.
Leopard Hunting is probably the hardest, most technical, mentally tough, nerve rattling, lowest success safari conducted in Africa; and it is my favorite safari to guide.

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Time: 7 PM central time USA.

- Leopard hunting is a process and I will approach this meeting in the same way. I plan go through the chapters of a leopard hunt from Scouting to Baiting to Blind Set Up to Actual Hunting. Ill stop after each chapter and open the floor for questions and discussion.
- As usual please PM me or email directly to be a part of this Zoom Safari. A few days before I will send you the login information to this Zoom.

This should be a great one and if you are interested in pursuing a Leopard at some point then I hope to see you there!

you can check out the threads on the other ones here:

Likewise as I have a Leopard hunt coming up in 6 weeks supposedly.
Good deal.
Please PM me with the subject matter above and I will get you the login details.
I am in. I sent you a PM
Will not be able to make this one!
Will not be able to make this one!
Sorry to hear that - I enjoyed having you on the other 2 and you added a lot of good info to the meetings!
Sounds Great Nathan, I'll try to rearrange my schedule so I can attend.
Wednesday's are out for me and I really wanted to attend this one.
Would love to join in the meeting! Was supposed to go to Namibia for Chui with one of my best friends Jacques Spamer mid August but is going to have to be rescheduled likely to next May. Please send me the details on how to join! Thanks!
Sounds Great Nathan, I'll try to rearrange my schedule so I can attend.
as usual it will be good to have you in attendance. next week involves some travel for us as we hope to start hunting soon so I was forced to move to a Wednesday... see you on the 24th for a lot of Leopard Hunting Information and another good time!
Ok, my schedule rearranged for next Wednesday's Leopard safari, I'm really looking forward to this one. I hope lots of people can attend, there seem to be more questions about Leopard hunting than any other type of DG.
I was fortunate to get my leopard in 2007. Will I be able to share my experience or is this only for those who are interested in hunting a leopard in the future?


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