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  1. Incredible Blue Wildebeest Takedown  Impact Shots

    Incredible Blue Wildebeest Takedown Impact Shots

    From an astonishing Blue Wildebeest bull, to a small duiker, the Eastern Cape is the ultimate hunting habitat for exploring your walk and stalk fantasies

    Latest Impact shots from the Eastern Cape | UMLILO SAFARIS

    Check out these amazing impact shots from one of our recent hunts at Umlilo Safaris. With 25 years of experience, these are the special moments that every good stalk leads up to. Well done to the clients for making these amazing kill shots, we are passionate about taking animals in a humane and...
  3. Mtn_Infantry

    Merkel 140AE - 500NE For Sale

    Merkel 140AE - 500NE DR ready for your next Dangerous Game Hunt. 2012 Production, Imported by Steyr Arms in Trussville, AL. Anson & Deeley Box Lock, Double Triggers. Greener Locking Mechanism, with double underlug locking. Beautiful color case hardened receiver, with some light engraving...

    MATTANJA HUNTING SAFARIS 2023 Season Highlights

    Here's some of the trophies of the 2023 season!

    Buffalo Cow Hunt With MATTANJA HUNTING SAFARIS 2024

    Good Day AH Members Each year I offer a limited number of Buffalo Cow Hunts and I'm pleased to offer this hunt again for the 2024 season in the Lowveld Area of South Africa! This is a hunt for self sustaining Buffalo and targeting the oldest cows is at the order of the day! An exciting hunt...
  6. yarettlopez

    SOUTH AFRICA: My First Safari & Lion October 22

    I want to share a bit of my experience, and I apologize in advance as English is not my native language, but I hope everyone enjoys a bit of my story. This story begins like many others with many months of planning and research and after much thought I booked my lion hunt with Johan Potgieter...
  7. Newtothis

    North American big 5

    What’s everyone idea of what the big 5 in North America is because there’s conflicting info out there so I’m going to go with what I think Polar bear, can weight over a ton where lions are 500 Brown bear/grizzly can go from 89-1500 depending on the species and are known for killing bison,moose...
  8. M

    African Big 5 Limited Edition Prints For Sale

    I purchased this set of limited edition Africa Big 5 prints in Johannesburg, SA in 1990. Each print is signed by the artist Dino Paravano, and numbered 873/950. Each print measures approx 26 1/2" wide by 18 1/2" tall. The prints are as new and have never been matted or framed. Sold only as a...
  9. Ammunition Belt

    Ammunition Belt

    Bullet Safaris In the blind, ready and waiting
  10. Buffalo Skulls From Tanzania

    Buffalo Skulls From Tanzania

    Bullet Safaris
  11. Buffalo Hunt Tanzania

    Buffalo Hunt Tanzania

    Bullet Safaris - Dangerous Game. Buffalo results on a resent wilderness adventure in TZ
  12. IMG_20201117_071725_174.jpg


    A covid leopard... 2020 what a deal!
  13. Leopard Hunt Tanzania

    Leopard Hunt Tanzania

    Bullet Safaris - Another leopard in the Salt!

    Rhino Bull Cancellation Hunt South Africa 2021

    Good day AH community! This is a very exciting prospect we are excited to put forward to you all! It is obviously with great sadness that we have had a cancelation and are not able to do the hunt with the original client however it allows a new hunter the opportunity at a wonderfully priced...
  15. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard Hunt - Bullet Safaris, PH Nathan Askew

  16. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard - How I Hunt (Zoom Safari #3 by Nathan Askew)

    Leopard - How I Hunt... An in-depth look at leopard hunting and the intricate details of scouting, baiting, set up and hunting of this most illusive predator. Leopard Hunting is probably the hardest, most technical, mentally tough, nerve rattling, lowest success safari conducted in Africa; and...
  17. Bullet Safaris

    Silence in The Selous

    It was silent and the sun was setting. The truck was quiet as my crew was exhausted. We had been out all day and we had tracked buffalo without getting a shot. The Selous didnt disappoint, proviing us an excellent #safari day. We saw many species from #hippo to #elephant . But the buffalo just...
  18. Bullet Safaris

    Buffalo Hunt Tanzania 2020

    $20,000 10 hunting days 1 buffalo trophy fee classic adventure / license / gun permit / meet and greet / daily rate / meals / cold beer / wilderness camp with a butler / trophy fee / excellent area / experienced PH... Its All Here and Included except for travel, other trophy fees, tips, trophy...
  19. Bullet Safaris

    Sable Or Roan Hunt In Wilderness Area Of Tanzania With Bullet Safaris

    Hello to All - here is an opportunity for one hunter in 2019 to add a Sable or a Roan to a Buffalo hunt in Tanzania for $8,000. You will have to buy a buffalo hunt though...don't worry they are a lot of fun. YOU CAN EASILY FIND A CHEAPER SABLE ON A FARM! That is not what this hunt is about or...
  20. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Kowas Hunting Safaris - Brochure

    View the Kowas brochure from We will be at the following hunting shows where you could pick up a hard copy: DSC, booth no 2500: January, 4 – 7, 2018 ISE Expo, booth no 2719, Denver, Colorado: January 11 – 14...
  21. S

    Winchester Safari Classic BIG 5

    Very nice Winchester big 5 set all box's and documentation 458 Win mag 338 Win mag 416 Rem mag 375 H&H 470 Capstick Will sell only as a set. Please call or e-mail with any questions NEVER FIRED Asking 20k 724-822-9699

    Umlilo Safaris

    Please allow us an introduction to Umlilo Safaris. We are a family run Outfitter, based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. We hunt all over Southern Africa, depending on the species required by our clients. Umlilo Safaris was established in 1999 and to date have hosted over 700 international...
  23. Bullet Safaris

    Two Buffalo Hunt / Why Not Shoot Two? Its a Long Plane Ride!

    Wilderness area, free range, on foot, nose to nose Buffalo Hunt. This is a great hunt for a first time Dangerous Game client or an experience African Hunter. Large concessions and multiple areas to choose from depending on the other species you would like to take. Duration - 10 days Cost of...
  24. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard hunt- we got another one!

    Hi everyone - here is another of our 2015 leopard kills. Broad daylight - Tanzania - Huge Cat. We also had a nice lion on this same bait. This hunt cost $24,750 for leopard sable roan and buffalo (no trophy fees or travel included).