Leopard - How I Hunt (Zoom Safari #3 by Nathan Askew)

When will the Zoom Leopard meeting be up?
Nathan did a great job of describing all the components that go into a leopard. This zoom meeting will give a good foundation for anyone to start researching and planning a leopard hunt.

Great Job Nathan!(y)(y)(y)
When will the Zoom Leopard meeting be up?
Hello, i am working on the 'anything africa' zoom now and hope to have it completed soon.
I am going to start on the Leopard video edit as soon as I run out of fireworks this weekend! So i expect by end of next week it will be up as well.
Last Wednesday's Zoom Safari on Leopard hunting insightful and educational, Nathan did a fantastic job covering Leopard hunting from start to finish. The following is a list of some of the topics Nathan covered:
  • Leopard quote by Country
  • What makes a good Leopard area
  • What questions to ask you Outfitter before selecting them for your Leopard hunt
  • What questions to ask your PH about Leopard hunting
  • Calibers and loads for Leopard hunting
  • Selecting the proper baiting site
  • Blind construction
  • Pre-baiting
  • Baiting during the hunt
  • Types of bait for Leopard
  • Number of baiting sites
  • How much bait do you need
  • What work is required to establish and maintain a bait/hunting site
  • Blind etiquette
  • Pre-shot setup and routine
  • Executing the shot
If you are planning a Leopard hunt in the future I highly recommend you watch this video its a real eye-opener into the world of Leopard hunting.
Great recap Art. Thank you.
We covered a lot of topics - it takes a lot of work to get them in the salt!
Will you posting these session either here or on your YouTube channel soon?
I will upload on youtube then link the same here.
Itll be up soon.
Will you posting these session either here or on your YouTube channel soon?

They will be up today or monday!

This leopard one is FULL of info...allow yourself some time per episode if you're really interested in a successful leopard hunt.

This episode 'zoom 3 how I hunt leopard' is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cats and the things that we do to sort them out.
I look forward to seeing you with a dead cat and a great adventure to share!
Will be looking forward to your report. Best of luck!
I look forward to seeing you with a dead cat and a great adventure to share!

Seeing Nathan’s dedication and his crews hard work was an amazing experience. Last day leopard was exciting.

Nathan, thanks for sharing the zoom meetings. This was great dialogue that I needed to hear and learn from. Leopard is high on my list and I already have all of these book marked for multiple listens.

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