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  1. Sam Beavers

    Africa to Alaska.... and the Bear in between

    Hey Everyone! The 2022 hunting season was a big one for me. After 4 long and grueling years I was able to sit my Professional Hunting Exam in Tanzania with @Bullet Safaris and thankfully passed! Hopefully Nathan keeps me around for a while... Finishing up the season in Tanzania I had a very...
  2. Bullet Safaris

    Classic Buffalo Hunt With Nathan Askew

    10 days of tracking Buffalo in a Buffalo rich environment. Multiple herds and lone buffalo are common each day. Great camp, good food, excellent staff and the best hunting in Africa. This is a wilderness area in Tanzania. All inclusive Package is 20,000 (includes hunt, all licenses, gun...
  3. Hit list

    Hit list

    Stack of buffalo trophies hunted @Bullet Safaris
  4. Bullet Safaris

    A few recent trophies from hunting in Maasailand

    @Bullet Safaris
  5. Leopard


    Hunted with Bullet Safaris
  6. Turkey Hunt Iowa

    Turkey Hunt Iowa

  7. Turkey Hunt Iowa

    Turkey Hunt Iowa

  8. Turkey Hunt Iowa

    Turkey Hunt Iowa

  9. Turkey Hunt Iowa

    Turkey Hunt Iowa

  10. Buffalo Skulls From Tanzania

    Buffalo Skulls From Tanzania

    Bullet Safaris
  11. Blue Duiker Hunting

    Blue Duiker Hunting

    One of the smallest guys out there! Hard to find plainsgame with bullet safaris
  12. Leopard On Bait In Tanzania

    Leopard On Bait In Tanzania

    One of our cats from a couple years back. I have had 6 mature male leopard at this bait over 3 seasons. I have killed 3 of them. Hell of a tree!
  13. East African Greater Kudu

    East African Greater Kudu

    East African Greater Kudu, with 2 fine trackers.
  14. Leopard Hunt Tanzania

    Leopard Hunt Tanzania

    Bullet Safaris - Another leopard in the Salt!
  15. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard...not so solitary?

    A Chess match with teeth... thats what a leopard hunt is to me. I love it, cat hunting is one of my favorite activities. I have scouted, placed and hung over 1,000 leopard baits. I have seen a lot of cats in person and I get the pleasure of monitoring and hunting many of them each season. This...
  16. Buffalo - Tanzania - Bullet Safaris

    Buffalo - Tanzania - Bullet Safaris

  17. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard Hunt - Bullet Safaris, PH Nathan Askew

  18. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard hunt with Bullet Safaris - close up cat footage

    we use trail cameras extensively for scouting - all phases of scouting. Then for assessing age and trophy quality. Then we use them to time the cat we want... After that I tend to play around with the cameras to get interesting footage like this!
  19. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard - How I Hunt (Zoom Safari #3 by Nathan Askew)

    Leopard - How I Hunt... An in-depth look at leopard hunting and the intricate details of scouting, baiting, set up and hunting of this most illusive predator. Leopard Hunting is probably the hardest, most technical, mentally tough, nerve rattling, lowest success safari conducted in Africa; and...
  20. Bullet Safaris

    Buffalo Hunt Tanzania 2020

    $20,000 10 hunting days 1 buffalo trophy fee classic adventure / license / gun permit / meet and greet / daily rate / meals / cold beer / wilderness camp with a butler / trophy fee / excellent area / experienced PH... Its All Here and Included except for travel, other trophy fees, tips, trophy...
  21. Bullet Safaris

    Tanzania Buffalo Hunt 2019 Only

    We have a true cancelation here...it doesnt happen often with us but this client has lost more than a little and it will go directly to your hunt. Area - Rungwa Game Reserve, Tanzania Date - August 13 to 22, 2019 Cost - 15,700 (10day hunt, lic, hunting permit, gun import, taxes, airport pick...
  22. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard Hunt No Discount Just A Great Hunt 2018 Price If Booked Before The End Of The Year

    BULLET SAFARIS Tanzania Selous Game Reserve You will have the opportunity to hunt leopard, Croc, Hippo and buffalo as well as many plains game species. This is a great hunt in a wilderness area. We specialize in Leopard hunting and you will have a chance at a big Tom leopard with us, be ready...
  23. Bullet Safaris

    Sable Or Roan Hunt In Wilderness Area Of Tanzania With Bullet Safaris

    Hello to All - here is an opportunity for one hunter in 2019 to add a Sable or a Roan to a Buffalo hunt in Tanzania for $8,000. You will have to buy a buffalo hunt though...don't worry they are a lot of fun. YOU CAN EASILY FIND A CHEAPER SABLE ON A FARM! That is not what this hunt is about or...
  24. Bullet Safaris

    Hunt Until You Get Your Leopard... Tanzania

    ok team - we had another exceptional year with all of our hunts...but the cat hunts we continue to led the industry in. So if you want a cat here is the special for you, it's not the cheapest but I can assure you it is the best. hunt until you get your leopard (up to 21 days). hunt: buffalo...
  25. Bullet Safaris

    Buffalo Hunt Deal Tanzania $6,300 Or $9,000 Plus Trophy Fee & Travel

    Dagga Boy Deal - TZ - $6,300 or $9,000 + TF and Travel BUFFALO SPECIAL SELOUS 10 day buffalo hunt in Selous Game Reserve Tanzania. Dates: August 14 - Arrive in Dar es Salam, overnight August 15 - Arrive in camp with shared air transfer August 16 to 25 - hunting August 26 - road transfer out...
  26. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard Hunt Special Do Not Wait To Hunt Your Cat

    LEOPARD HUNT SPECIAL in SELOUS GAME RESERVE 14 day hunt in Tanzania Daily Rate = 15,450 Licenses = 4,900 Extras and gun lic = 1,650 Leopard Trophy Fee = 5,500 Total Hunt and Leopard Trophy Fee = 27,500 Round Trip Camp Transfer = 1,750 (private air in / road out) Dates: August 14 - Arrive in...
  27. Bullet Safaris

    Tanzania Hunt Specials

    NOT cancelation hunts...just what we have left Featured Hunt Specials: - these hunts are limited (1 x of each package exists, the buffalo hunt could be two hunters at the same time). - the dates and price are set for these cost effective hunts (changes to dates or area will change the costs) -...
  28. Bullet Safaris

    Two Buffalo Hunt / Why Not Shoot Two? Its a Long Plane Ride!

    Wilderness area, free range, on foot, nose to nose Buffalo Hunt. This is a great hunt for a first time Dangerous Game client or an experience African Hunter. Large concessions and multiple areas to choose from depending on the other species you would like to take. Duration - 10 days Cost of...
  29. Bullet Safaris

    Leopard hunt- we got another one!

    Hi everyone - here is another of our 2015 leopard kills. Broad daylight - Tanzania - Huge Cat. We also had a nice lion on this same bait. This hunt cost $24,750 for leopard sable roan and buffalo (no trophy fees or travel included).
  30. Bullet Safaris

    Elephant Poaching - how it works and why hunters are needed to stop it

  31. Bullet Safaris

    Black and White - Tanzania - Nathan Askew

    Hi All - here are a few shots from the 2015 season. Hope you enjoy them.