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We would like to invite you to come and join one of's longest serving sponsors, to hunt the incredible Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, and have an awesome time among other forum members for a fun filled, hard hunting safari.

We are proud to be starting this new tradition, hosting a yearly group hunt where members can get together for a mini gathering each year, and inviting a special guest of honour who will be in camp for the duration of the trip.

For the 2023 group hunt, our guest of honour will be Cameron Mitchell who set the internet alight with his hilarious satire of an American hunter who’s experience gets translated by his trackers as can be seen below. I have no doubt that most of us have seen the incredibly funny video below. ( He's not really like that. :LOL:)

The group hunt will be conducted during the 2023 hunting season. There will be two safari dates in order to give hunters as much flexibility as possible. These are prime dates, which also allow us to hunt many of our free range areas in the Eastern Cape, as it falls within the open season.
The two options for dates are as follows:

Group 1: 01 July 2023 – 09 July 2023

Group 2: 09 July 2023 – 17 July 2023

There will be 4 Professional Hunters available on these group hunts. Therefore, the makeup of the group will depend on whether hunters decide to hunt 1x1 or 2x1. Hunters are welcome to bring non-hunters or observers. Taking this into consideration, these are small personal groups, and one can expect 4-6 guests in camp during these hunts.

Should you wish to bring an extra hunter in order to hunt 2x1 or an observer, and sharing a room with you, this will not be a problem. Each room has a private bathroom

Deposit required to secure your spot will be US$1,000.

Once booked, members will be added to a group PM message, where all details regarding the trip will be shared.

The hunting days will consist of you going to your own area for the day, and only meeting for either lunch or for dinner in the evening, depending on what you will be pursuing. You will not be sharing hunting areas with anyone and will have sole access to that tract of land for the day. In the event that members want to hunt together on any day, they could hunt 2x2 as well. There are numerous hunting areas that are large enough to sustain two sets of hunters, and in the event where hunters wish to hunt a single area, and meet for lunch in the bush, this can be arranged.
Hunting areas range from 8,000 acres to 40,000 acres. Some areas has a 7 ft fence, other areas only a 4 ft cattle fence. The terrain is quite mountainous, with deep valleys, and thick vegetation in areas. Some walking fitness is required, but your PH will adjust to you capability. Shots can range from 60 yards in the plains to 300 yards+ from mountain face to mountain face.

We do have a few bow blinds available, so should you wish to bring your bow, please feel free to do so. Select species can be targeted from the blinds. You are also welcome to try your hand at some walk and stalk bow hunting.

Rifle rental, indeed needed will be set at $30 per day, which includes up to 20 rounds of ammunition. After 20 rounds, the cost is $3 per round.

Offshore fishing charters can be arranged for any interested guests. Costs are $150 per person per day.

Outfitter: Marius Goosen T/A KMG Hunting Safaris
Outfitter number: HC 02/2019 EC
PH Number: PH 06/2019 EC
Area : Eastern Cape South Africa

Baboon --
$50 ( Bait)
Barbary Sheep -- $2200
Blesbuck, White--$450
Bushbuck, Eastern Cape--$650
Bushpig (bait or dogs)--$750
Duiker, Blue--$1,300
Duiker, Grey--$200
Fallow Deer --$475
Hartebeest, Cape--$750
Jackal, Black Backed -- FREE
Kudu, Eastern Cape --
Lynx (Caracal over hounds) --$650
Ostrich-- $450
Reedbuck, Mountain--$450
Steenbuck-- $300
Springbuck, Common -- $300
Springbuck, White -- $750
Springbuck, Copper-- $900
Springbuck, Black-- $550
Warthog -- $250
Wildebeest, Black -- $750
Wildebeest, Blue - $750
Zebra, Burchells -- $900
Eland, Cape -- $2200
Lechwe, Kafue -- $2000
Reedbuck, Common -- $1,200
Rhebuck, Vaal-- $1500
Waterbuck -- $1400

Day Fees at $250 per day. Arrival and departure day free of charge.

Non-Hunter or Extra Hunter (2x1) may be added at $150 per day.


Take Care,
Marius Goosen
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What a great idea.
Cameron is such a personable and entertaining guy. This would be a lot of fun.
Cameron is such a personable and entertaining guy. This would be a lot of fun.
I absolutely agree , Nate. Talking to him on the phone as I started planning this hunt, I knew that he was exactly the personality I was looking for. This is going to be awesome.
Looks to be a fantastic hunt Marius. Will be lots of fun.

Appreciate it Mark. I think this is going to be a great group. Now just to throw in a dash of Aussies into the pot, and we got ourselves one for the history books :LOL:
Everyone will have a great time with Marius, I sure did! I wouldn't mind seeing the Cape again myself
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Sounds like this is going to be a fun and great hunt. I can’t wait, been wanting to see and hunt East Cape with you. Thanks Marius!
Welcome to the group hunt Mark!
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Everyone will have a great time with Marius, I sure did! I wouldn't mind seeing the Cape again myself
Thank you my friend. This is running from our other area to where you visited. How many Bushbuck do you want? :D
Hey Cameron, I see a 2018 join date but not much action on here. I guess a late welcome is in order. :love:
I would say one area to no overlook with this hunt is Marius' access to some guys with very good dogs. I think adding a Caracal or Bushpig using hounds would be a ton of fun, I plan to do it next hunt.
Have to say that the Bushpig over hounds hunt is for the hardcore hunter.
I dont get too involved and will stick to collecting hunters' and dogs. I've gotten too soft with age.
Have to say that the Bushpig over hounds hunt is for the hardcore hunter.
I dont get too involved and will stick to collecting hunters' and dogs. I've gotten too soft with age.

Ok, I am really sold now. South African driven hunt for Bushpig, sounds like a hell of a time.

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