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  • Heard you may have load data for the 500 Jeffery,.....any info would be appreciated. Was thinking 535gr, but already had a response that the 570gr would be a better way to go, not sure why.
    I would be interested as long as they aren't loaded up too hot. Its impossible to find brass right now. There is some Jamieson brass in austrailia in stock but I haven't had good experience with that brass. If you have any components I'd be interested. I already have dies.
    No, they were not loaded hot. I have never been a fan of pushing the limits on handloads, especially on the big bores. I typically start around the low end and work up from there but never to max. I will also look to see what components I have left. I am pretty confident I have some bullets and maybe some spent brass as well.
    And yes, finding reloading components for most calibers is difficult now.
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elkhunter77 wrote on Mark Biggerstaff's profile.
Yes, I am interested in some A Frames to load, if they are the 300 grain or other that will work for Cape Buff. I need enough to work up a load and sight in, then carry over there
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Wow, great response regarding the title of a thread and an amazing site.
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I am interested in hearing about your wild lion hunts.
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Greetings Mr. Rutledge. My apologies for the latent reply, cell/email prohibited during working hours, apx 72 a week, yikes! I just wanted to thank you for keeping me in mind for possible 577 loads. I actually purchased a few rounds, however, the firearm is still on the fence at this point.
Many Thanks, again. Regards, Dan.