Hello from Oregon

Welcome to AH! Please share details of your planned hunt. Do not be hesitant to ask questions.
Welcome to AH! Please share details of your planned hunt. Do not be hesitant to ask questions.
My wife and I bought a 4 hunter package with a friend at Authentic African Adventures. Taking our 308 for impala, blesbuck, warthog and gems buck. Want to know more about, what shooting sticks to practice with, do you really need to pay others for help with the rifle permit? What hidden charges should I watch for and how do you base your tip for PH, camp help, etc.
DHammo, welcome to AH! You’re going to have a grand adventure I’m certain!
What area, outfitter and what animals are in your plan?
Are you taking your own rifle, and if so what is it and the caliber?
Hello and welcome!
Giday DHammo and welcome to the A H forums
Welcome from another Oregander.

For travel I would recommend Travel Express. Excellent service and will provide good advice for traveling with firearms. Will also give advice on firearms transport.

As for tipping, you can see a much replied to thread here.

Hard to say what sticks to practice off of. Ask your outfitter what they use.

Best of luck and happy travels.
Welcome Oregon from a fellow “westerner.” First trip to Africa I would suggest using a travel agent and a rifle import type helper. Very simply it takes the stress out of the trip and gives you someone on the inside to assist with all the questions and protocols along the way. There are several, while I won’t suggest specific companies, it is in your best interests to use the companies that support this site-they get reviewed constantly and are willing to put their name and reputation right up front for all to scrutinize—and benefit from.
Best advice I can give you is to practice off sticks (I own trigger sticks but the ones we used on africa were better quality) and be prepared to shoot other animals on the way. To clarify-you will want to shoot other stuff and there will be some excellent trophies you will want to take home so be prepared in advance to pay for extra animals!
Welcome to AH DHammo. This is the place to learn about hunting Africa.
To answer a couple of your questions... IMO, yes I would use a service to get your permits. They are up to date on what is required and all the ins and outs. Consider it money well spent.
As far as sticks, I think there are two ways to go. Pick the sticks you want to use, practice with them and take them with you. It is your hunt and the outfitter should adjust to you. The second is to find out what type the outfitter uses. Get some and practice with them.
The problem with the first is that when speed is of the essence, the tracker setting up the sticks may not be familiar with your sticks and slow down the process.
Welcome to AH !
Welcome to AH sir! If your outfitter offers help with the rifles using a service is not necessary but it does make it a lot easier your first trip over.
Welcome to AH

Don't try to do too much on your African adventure. Let it be a vacation.

.......Please feel free to share anything you believe to be of value!

Welcome to AH.

Start reading at page one and go from there....
Glad to have ya. Welcome. There’s nothing like your first safari. Enjoy the addiction.
Welcome to AH, you picked a great place to start your trip to Africa. Enjoy the journey.
Welcome to AH from a fellow Oregonian.

Tons of great info here. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Welcome from a new guy from South Dakota.

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