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Jul 19, 2015
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Hello all. I've been a long time reader of Africahunting and learned so much. Thank you for the amazing stories and pictures. I went on my first safari in July of this year at Limcroma. Had a great time and took 8 animals between my son and myself. We've run out of room in our house and are building a stand alone addition that will be part trophy room and part man cave with pool table, shuffle board, and TV. The plans call for a 30x40' room. 14' Cathedral ceilings that peak out at about 21'. And the addition will have a closet and bathroom.

Prep for pouring the foundation:


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Good luck with your new cave.
Look forward to seeing the finished product!
@Drillbit Looks like you are off to a great start. I just got done and moved into a house we built and I did a nice size man cave. Your 30x40 dimension will be great and good choice in ceiling height too. My room is 20x30 and of course I wish it was a bit bigger. One thing you might strongly consider is putting 3/4" plywood on all the walls, before sheet rocking. That way you can hang anything anywhere you want and not have to find a stud. BTW, it looks like you are framing with 2x6 and that's a good choice for a taller, free standing structure. Going with the plywood will also help contribute to making a very strong structure.
What are the provisions for heating and or air conditioning? Any thoughts about putting in facilities for a kitchenette? Being a retired engineer myself, I really liked 375 Ruger Fan's suggestion of lining the walls with 3/4" plywood. Laid horizontally with staggered joints would stiffen that structure immensely.
Yes 2x6 for framing. I'm putting on a tile roof so it needed extra support. And yes, adding 3/4" plywood on interior (idea I got off of this board). I'll have an HVAC unit above the closet with returns above the entry, so the interior space isn't compromised. Kitchenette - debated it but decided to pass and save money. Might put in some kind of liquor cabinet/butler's pantry type thing once completed.
Cool, looking forward to the finished product!
Man this will be fun to watch as you go along. Please keep pictures coming!
I really am looking forward to the remainder. I got as far as the slab poured for my mancave/trophy room before my divorce!
Definitely grunt worthy:

This is exciting! I have an acre, but at my age, I’m spending my funds on hunts. If I had the foresight to do this 20 years ago, it would have been a grand idea! Watching this closely!
Making excellent progress! Notice you have a post tension foundation too, you and your contractor are doing it right.
very nice looking! I am envious!!
Looking forward to the rest of the build!!
Electrical and HVAC in. Spray foam insulation followed the very next day with 3/4" plywood. They are moving fast! In the corners I added 45 degree angles to allow for additional mounts and minimizing wasted space.



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