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  • Hi, did I read your Russian bear hunt comment correctly? Are you selling your spot for this fall? Thanks
    I read your post about the William Douglas & Sons rifle. Since you have hands on experience, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting additional pictures of the proof marks and your impression about the weapon. As you indicated, there seemed to be a lot of bad information put out. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Safe Travels and Good Hunting.

    I'm in touch with a professional to realize one of my dreams which is the purchase of an express Blaser S2 375 HH. This one is used but is announced as new.
    Would you please be so kind as to communicate the weight of your weapon to me so that I can compare.
    Indeed the weight which is given by the professionnal to me seems to me very light !!
    Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.
    Hey Joe! Hope you're doing well! Would you mind sending me your contact info? I would like to add you to our reference list
    Thanks so much
    Thanks for all of your help and information about Texas! I have no idea when we will make it 'down there' for a recognizance mission, but when we do I would love to have a drink and swap a few 'stories'. :). By the way, nice buffalo! Being a bow hunter and not as young as I used be, I don't know of I will ever get to 'pull the trigger' on one or not....
    Red Leg
    Red Leg
    Welcome anytime! Nothing wrong with a fine rifle.
    Hi red leg i am a new member from india , saw ur old post from 2013 regarding 03 Mannlicher Schoenauer rifle in 6.5×54 cal converted to 6.5×57 , pls do tell were u able to fire the rifle with 6.5×57 cal without any issues , i am asking coz i am also being offered the same rifle in india
    Hi sir i am a new member from india , i saw ur old post of 2013 regarding 1903 Mannlicher Schoenaue 6.5 × 54 converted to 6.5× 57 , now i am also getting a MS 1903 model 6.5×54 rechambered to 6.5 × 57 , pls help and tell did you face any issues firing that rifle , thanks
    hi red leg

    thank you for your informative reply regarding Cogswell and Harrison , I would greatly appreciate your knowledge and assistance in purchasing this rifle.

    could you please send me your email that I may forward some photos to you (once I receive them ) for your comments

    regards bassasdaindia
    Have a great hunt with them. Hope you are headed back over soon. Just back from Namibia, and I am off to Argentina for ducks and dove next summer, so will be '13 before I can head back to Africa. Will try to take my son again. Can't afford elephant, so trying to decide whether to repeat leopard or buff.
    REd Legs\

    thanks for your great response...

    I ordered a pair of Courtney boots today...they will go with my white boots on my September trip to SA..
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T/C wrote on Dewald's profile.
Hi Dewald,
I am looking for a copy of Wright's "Shooting the British Double Rifle" (3E).
Please PM me (T/C) if you still have one.
Thank you very much in advance!!!
I am game for a meat and eat. My attempt at humor.
rigby 416 wrote on rifletuner's profile.
Come from cz like that.
John A Flaws wrote on Horbs's profile.
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