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Some more information about BRNO/CZ....Hope the file could be opened!

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Worked fine for me.
Just found an extremely good looking zkk,but I’m trying to resist.
Welcome Markkal
l dont think l know anyone who does not like a Brno
its funny that l have been having an internal feud with myself about rebarreling a 1967 brno from 222 to a 17 Mach iv for them pesky NSW pigs (just kidding Bob LOL)
the problem l have is that l hardly use this rifle as 222 but would use it as a 17 Mach iv
l have not seen many of these rifles, a ZKK 600 in 222 and would like to keep it original but as l said l would actually use it in 17 Mach iv not just bring it out occasionally to put a couple through
but at the moment because l am in doubt l am not doing anything except going through an internal struggle, may just have to buy another rifle, Bugger

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Nice 222 early 1967 rifle you have here, It would be a pity to rebarrel it, as it looks like it is in pristine condition. If you prefer another caliber, perhaps just sell it, I know they are sought after in Australia ( I reckon you are from NSW in Australia). A friend of mine in italy has an identical zkk 601 also from 1967 in 222 remington magnum ( Never ever heard or seen one in this caliber) and he wants to sell it has he hunts with bigger calibers. He has a ZKK600 in 30-06 which better suits his needs. I gues your 22 is very accurate. I had a 601 in 243 and 308, they are pictured both in my page, the 243 was particularly accurate at 100 meters sub MOA with the dedicated ZF/4 Carl Zeiss Jena, and with the original folding diopter I shot many zkk's up to 150 meters with incredible results..Good luck my friend :)
thankyou for the reply Markkal
this model would be great for the 222 rem mag as it is on the 601 action that is 308 mag length
l am still thinking hard about the barrel thinking that l could keep the old barrel and swap it back
l have a couple of Brno's one in the ZKK 600 in 30-06 that has put a lot of meat in the freezer for me
l hope to see more Brno photo's from you in the future
this is my 30-06 bang flop
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Hi Marsksman, yes the 601 action is overbuilt for a standard 222, 222 Rem magnum would be better suited but ammo not so easy to find at least in europe. Though it makes a great combination nonetheless.

About being able to swap barrels it may not be so easy as they are screwed in to receiver real tight.

I had one ZKK600 barrel removed from receiver, professionally done by a machinist in his workshop and it needed tightly securing the barrel without damaging it, fitting brass shims to receiver before tightening it with a special tool with 2 bolts and nuts on each side and then using a long steel lever arm tube to unscrew it, heating it lightly with a torch in the process for expansion. Think about headspace too. It would be quite a job each time to swap them. I would go for a change of caliber with one barrel fitted permanently.

I have left one ZKK600 in 30-06, three in 7x64, two in 8x57S all made in 1967 with peep sight. Also two ZG47's one rebarrelled by Hammerli in Switzerland in 6,5x57 and one original in 8x60S. And a few rimfires.

I don't hunt but shoot at the range at 100 meters here in Slovenia. In Switzerland had a corridor at the range for 150 meters and that was optimal, got good groupings also with peep sight. All my best from Europe :)
@Clodo Ferreira
Do you or your friend from from the Czech Republic know much about CZ model 98 made at the factory CZ STRAKONICE before the CZ factory was moved to Uhersky Brod.
The VZ58 is an uncommon rifle around here, very good arm though. The rest of your rifles are beautiful as well, welcome!
I Markkal,

As a BRNO collector, have you see or know about a ZKK 600 in 9,3x64 Brenneke? Some were made, not many for sure. I have seen them only in pictures.
Thank you!
Hi gballard137,

No, I don´t know that. Sorry and good luck!
That’s all good. I only seen 2 of those Cz model 98 of rifles. It something that is interesting to me as I like the history of Brno/Cz and all the different makes of m98 military and commercial.
Some pretty wood on the two bolt rifles!

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