ARGENTINA: First Boar Hunt With The "Shorty"

Marcos Rodriguez

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Jul 13, 2014
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Pedro Luro, bs as Patagonia Argentina
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Hello, fellows!...
Yes... my old mauser 1891 vintage.... carbine friendly called as "the shorty"... give me the first joy the last friday!...
Friday afternoon, in a countriside near my home, while I were surrounding the internal roads of the farm watching the tracks of the boars with a couple of friends, I see a path near a deep chanell... and the mud in the bottom very twisted...
While we were watching, I note the smell, very strong... and a track very fresh ofa "big one"... VERY BIG FOOTPRINT...
While my friends and I were debating the way of aproaching... suddenly, my friend Danny (unarmed this time) see a head lean out fron the high grass of the border...
The typicall word used here is "UN CHANCHO!!" (A PIG....) word who causes a lot of sensations (impossible to describe... haha)
The movement was instintive! in a fraction of a second, I was on knees and pointing the boar, at 130 meters far away... The shot place was in the shoulder... I have not the time to sight in the head because the boar can suddenly dissapear as fast as he appears here... so... PLUUUUM.... FLOCCCCCCCCCC...
I see him jumping and fall through the scope... Later, we listen a noise... broken corn... He fall, roll and walk into the corn 20 meters ....


Nice pig Marcos!
Very good Boar Marcos my friend, good trophy.......Hey load up a picture of shorty.....must be a treasure and is a great thing to be abble to hunt with that kind of rifles....!!!!

See you.....!!!!

Looks like its time to have a cookout and invite your friends over.;)
that's a big swine , marcos.big set of hooks,mate......
Nice Pig Marcos
Marcos really loves to be hunting with those slings shoots rifles boys........:D:D:D......I don´t know how He can get a boar or any other animal with a such gun........;)
Rocket... son of.... hahahahah
My dear friend, Fernando... i´m still laughing after 2 minutes before reading the answers.... hahaha
Wheels... you are wellcome for the cookout!...
A pic of the "shorty", my 308 carbine…

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Nice one Marcos.
Marcos, fantastic boar. Shorty is a keeper.
It means a gun you shouldn't or won't get rid of. I mean keep it "keeper"
It's a good gun my friend, that's all. It's a phrase, meaning don't sell or trade it.

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