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I was talking to Geoff (of Woodleigh) on the phone today about production and we discussed the benefit of being able to forecast demand for different calibers/bullet weights.

I told him I'd compile some feedback from those that are interested, so feel free to let me know what you're looking forward to getting your hands on again, and I'll send it his way.

He's finishing up 470 cal, moving onto 375 cal, and will likely finish up with 338 cal around the time of the first import.

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The biggest I have is .375, but I won’t need to import.

Do they still supply any commercial producers? I would think their demand would drive the production schedule as the business has been rebuilt and Geoff may want to sell it sometime so it needs a commercial market contracts in place. No disrespect to you or individuals using these but us consumers and hoarders are a small market and I hope the business will go on and have a strong future supplying all who use their products.

I recently enquired about the availability of 6.5 calibre PP SP to use in a 6.5x55 and these will be available later this year.

I have used these in 7mm as well with great results so I would encourage anyone to try Woodleigh projectiles.

I've been using some copper projectiles as well and starting to think that unless I need the extra penetration from smaller calibres that I don’t always need a mono metal projectile for a lot of what I do.
750 gr bullets in .585 for 577 nitro both solids and softs. The ones for full nitro velocities.
Also 400 gr .411 for 450-400
Really I’m sure there will be a lot of interest in all the popular nitro calibers 600,577,500,470,450,450-400 ect.
I know the market is not big in comparison to bolt action cartridges but at the moment anything in these will sell due to there no being much out.
I think that these might be popular with many here:

400gr bullets sized .410" and .411" for the .450-400 NE. Both softs and solids.

200gr bullets sized .318" for the 8x57 IR

300gr for the various .375's, again both softs and solids.
I need 404 Jeff 400 soft and solids & 425 WR 400 grain softs and solids. I’m sure 425 will be toward the bottom of the list for him,….but there is a whole in the market for that diameter.
Thanks for the feedback so far. I'll be compiling it all later this week and sending to Geoff.

As far as pre-orders go, I try to stay away from that. We will have some other stuff this community will be interested in later this week from the Lipsey's Ruger Hawkeye in 35 Whelen to more 416 Rigby and 338 Win Mag brass.

Thanks for the support and helping us grow.

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