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Les Baer Handgun

Les Baer Handgun

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  • Western Savanna Buffalo Hunt Cameroon
    Good buffalo !
  • Buffalo Double Shoulder Pedestal Mount Taxidermy
    Wow, congrats that is beautiful, and I'm sure it's not small either. :ROFLMAO:
  • Javelina Hunt Texas
    I had to leave that afternoon to drop the hide/head off at a taxidermist, but the main ranch cooks made it into some sort of in-ground Mexican delicacy and another guy got one so they planned to make it into chorizo de javelina (which I believe is popular in Javelina country-sausage.) I thought...
  • Spotted Hyena
    Nice little puppy you have there! Good hunting!
  • Javelina Hunt Texas
    Very nice! Do you guys eat them? We hunted them in Nicaragua, and ate them, very tasty if cooked properly.