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Discussion in 'Safari Planning Guide' started by AfricaHunting.com, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Does this really happen? What a great idea! I'm asking other guides to do this....and will tip accordingly, of course.

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    Ok, I bought the plane tickets for my first Africa hunting trip and was curious about tipping. I see this comment and now thinking WTF? Is this supposed to mean tipping more than your personal finances allow and cause yourself and family undue financial hardship or does it mean don't be a show off and top 100% of the total safari cost?
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    It is a very entertaining thread but it really doesn't provide a whole lot of clarity. There are a great many different approaches and perspectives on tip a lot, tip med, tip very little or not at all. Long and short of it is you tip when you are leaving so you have already received all the service and help you are going to get.

    Take this from a guy that has both guided, and been guided a lot. Hunting with a really good guy, who has a good attitude, treats EVERYONE with respect, raises issues if they are important and is interested in learning about the local game, culture and working hard to help out is FAR more important than the tip. A Buttwipe client who leaves a big tip does NOT impress me. It does not make him into a good guy. A guy I really enjoyed hunting with who leaves a small or no tip, is someone I still like and would hunt with again any time.

    You will have a good idea what feels right by the end of the trip but 1 - total tip should not exceed 15% of the trip cost excluding air and trophy fees, and I would consider that a truly generous tip already, unless you have tons of money you like to throw around and got truly superlative service and 2 - if you trust your PH tell him the total tip you want to leave, if any, and let him help you divvy the amount up so it doesn't create strife among his staff.
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    I give tips what I personally mean and do not question what others give. I do not care.
    This begging for tips is unworthy.
    The outfitters should pay their people decently and not the guests in the ears lie what one last week of tips got.
    That can be an Africa suffer.
    Starts by smearing the customs to get the gun cleared and stops by whining the Phs what is usual.
    I am the guest who pays dearly and what I mean is true.
    If he doesn't accept it he has to do another job.
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