The Tiny Ten Antelopes of Southern Africa

I too like the tiny little buggers really puts your skills to the test stalk in on one of them. I've taken three so far but I'm planning many more trips. :D
ok, thanks big fella
Thanks for the link Brickburn. Vaal Rhebuck are on my list of must haves. I would really like a royal antelope as well. I would like to get the spring buck slam too but the little guys are a high priority for now
Last tiny ten collector that hunted with us this year. He took 5 of the tiny ten in one trip.






Take Care,
Marius Goosen


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We started hunting klipspringer on our ranch in the Eastern Cape only a few years ago when we did a helicopter run over the land and saw how many pairs of klipspringer there were in the mountains that we didn't even realize were there. It's not an animal you see everyday unless you're specifically looking for them and that what makes it such a super hunt. It's become a small project trying to identify new pairs and their habitat. The small animals often provide as much joy for the landowner and hunter as the bigger ones.
This is a very interesting topic and if there is one thing I am very passionate about it is to hunt these tiny antelope species.
Limpopo Big Game Safaris offer 5 of the Tiny Ten species in the Soutpansberg Mountains and surrounding areas.
My personal best trophy was a 3 3/4 inch Red Duiker that I shot a few years ago.

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Glad to here more guys appreciate the little ones out there. Wow Marius five in one trip.
I have a couple on game cams



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I was looking for them on my trip. Only saw one shoot back into the bush. Never really hunted them hard. Next trip I will be looking at taking one or two of the little guys! They have always interested me.
Here is a picture posted by AH member Blueduiker in the Photo Gallery.


Blue duiker in a miombo forest, Nchila Wildlife Reserve, Zambia
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Blueduiker and Vervet monkeys feeding together


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That picture with a Vervet Monkey certainly shows just how small this little Blue Duiker are. Thanks.
I'm hoping to get a couple of these on my upcoming safaris. Think they'd be great done as full mounts!
I went to Zimbabwe to hunt Cape Buff and Hippo and ended up falling in love with the little guys! LOL

Two down and eight to go! Besides, how many people can say they got their Klipspringer while hippo hunting??? :) I also took my Sharpe Grysbok while there.

Next May is Tootabi and we will see what else I can pick up while I'm there. We will see!
I learned of the symbiotic relationship between the blue duiker and the vervet monkeys in June. The blue duiker use the monkeys as a source of predator protection and as the monkeys feed, they drop fruit to the forest floor, which the blue duikers quickly vacuum up.

While sitting in a blue duiker blind, I could hear the rustle of the monkeys feeding towards our location. My PH said that the duikers should be with the monkeys. Sure enough, after about 30 mins the first monkey appeared. A short while later a young blue duiker came into the opening and drank at the water hole. As the duiker was milling around, one of the monkeys saw us and thought we were a bit suspicious, gave a quick bark and took off. The duiker didn't hesitate a bit and was off in a flash right behind the monkey. My PH later said he could see two others further back in the bush, but I couldn't see them from my sitting position in the blind.
I've been fortunate enough to take four of the little guys so far.

Blue Duiker

Vaal Rhebok


Common Duiker

And, in my opinion there is only one way to have the taxidermy completed:

Next trip is cape grysbok, suni and red duiker followed with a trip to Namibia for Damara dik dik, klipspringer and steenbok.


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That Oribi is a bruiser! Congratulations. The others are excellent trophies as well.
Just a question, why not do the Klipspringer and Steenbuck in the Eastern Cape, while you go after the Cape Grysbuck? or were you planning on hunting the Grysbuck in another province?

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