The Tiny Ten Antelopes of Southern Africa

So another question. Is the Vaal Rhebuck part of the tiny ten, or is this up for debate and dependent on who's list is used?

Seems like some places it is listed and others (such s the list at the beginning of this thread) have both the Sharpe and Cape Grysbok listed, with the Rhebuck being excluded.

Just curious more than anything.

Thanks on the oribi. He was over 6" almost hit the 6 1/4" mark. We chased that guy around the mountain all day in 80-100 mph winds until he finally made a mistake. You'll see the smoke behind me from a huge fire that travelled about 60 kms in about 4.5 hours because of the wind pushing it. It was quite the day and I won't forget it anytime soon.

The vallie is pushing 9 1/2" so he's an exceptional trophy as well.

No real reason to hunt the klippy and steenbuck in Namibia other than to do it. Trust me, if given the chance to take either while in RSA, I wouldn't pass. I made the mistake of passing on a 3" red duiker while hunting in KZN on my first trip 10 years ago, but I was living off a graduate student's budget then and didn't have enough money for both a nyala and red duiker. So, my PH, Andrew Renton, and I have already made a plan to hunt the suni and red duiker together on the next trip back in KZN, then head back to the EC or WC to collect the cape grysbok.

I've had this discussion with my PH. He states any of the straight horned species classify for the Tiny Ten. Dependent upin who you speak with they will only count one of the grysbok and add the vaal rhebok into the mix. Some also lump the mountain reedbuck into the Tiny Ten, but since they have curved horns, others don't count them.

My first of the tiny ones:

I will be going on my first hunt in SA May of next year and plan to get a couple of the tiny guys.
Have three more left for our tiny 10, last 3 with @KWALATA SAFARIS (2024)
Tiny 11 if I include the Val Rehbok:A Camping:

Hunted the common diker with @BLAAUWKRANTZ safaris 2013. Stenbuck and klipspringer with Intrepid safaris in 2018, blue diker and Val Rehbok with @KMG Hunting Safaris in 2021. Damara Dik Dik with Ekuja Safaris in 2021, Cape Grybok and Oribi with @KMG Hunting Safaris in 2022.

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