The Draw of the Sporting Double Rifle

My Gibbs .450-.400 3&1/4”

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Snapped a quick picture of my own lovely lady on the porch before work today. I'm awful at taking pictures...

Double rifles are like women. They are beautiful, wonderful to hold, stubborn, picky and expensive. :LOL::LOL: This Merkel 9.3x74R is the only one that has survived my life changes. I have killed everything from turkey to eland with it.

kudu wMerkel.JPG

Safe hunting
My favorites are old and new - traditional and radical.

My radical double is the most used. And why not? It shoots MOA from each barrel and 2.5 inch four shot LxR LxR groups at 100 yards - whether in .375 or 30-06 configuration. It has taken cape buffalo and a wide selection of plains game.

Blaser S2 Double Rifle

Blaser S2 Double Rifle

My favorite is a Kessler in 9,3x74R that was built around WWI. It is nearly as accurate as the S2, and though it has not been to Africa, it has accounted for one black bear and several feral hogs.

9.3x74R Double Rifle

I'll include a third which was a favorite of my old friend Tony Makris until I convinced him he needed a double .375 more. I regret to say I have scarcely used it, but Tony took both Lion and Buffalo with it in Zimbabwe. It is an extraordinary Suhl built little 9.3x74Rx16.

Pre-war German Double Rifle Drilling in 9.3x74R

All three, and particularly the S2, are extremely practical hunting arms.
Really love those clams on the Kessler
Just back from a buffalo hunt in was a joy to shoot this old dagga boy at 25m with my scoped .470..

BF 6.jpeg

BF 1.jpeg
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Yes Krieghoff..

BF 2.jpeg

BF 3.jpeg
BF 7.jpeg
Ahhhhhhh... what a beautiful old bull!
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That is a gorgeous old bull, well done. Did he run far?
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That is a gorgeous old bull, well done. Did he run far? Hornady DGX bonded and a DGS in the left barrel took him in the heart and lungs...he did not manage to run at all..
Here is a picture of my Chapuis 470 Nitro and my 2024 Cape Buffalo. Although I didn't kill the Buffalo with the double, I did use it for the fallow up and gave the bull a insurance shot with it. I also used it to finish off my Sable with a racking shot from the right ham through the left shoulder and exited. I used Hornady 500grn DGX bonded factory ammo.

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