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Jun 14, 2011
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Gentle Readers,

After much research and calendar adjustment, cutting and fitting and generally formulating every justification and excuse I could muster, I have settled upon a long term, far ranging plan for Africa. To-wit: The Bucket List, which looks something like this:

2012.1 Plains Game
2012.2 Buffalo and Sable

2013.1 Plains Game
2013.2 Buffalo and Roan

2014.0 My 60th birthday present to ME! Elephant, 28 days, full bore, live it breath it, old fashioned African safari

This is an invite to everyone for comment and recommendation however, this query is primarily directed to the PH's and outfitters in attendance here seeking their offerings and suggestions. Those latter may feel free to PM me on this topic should they feel more comfortable.

Thanks in advance for the input.
Brilliant! You really are getting your second wind, and good! I hope I shall do as well in a decade...
About your birthday hunt, "Elephant, 28 days, full bore, live it breath it, old fashioned African safari", I have come across an interesting website by a Tanzanian PH, Natasha Illum Berg (, who does old time safaris, with porters, camping out in a different location every night. It seems like something out of at least the last century, if not the one before, very "Karen Blixen" style (wonder if she brings a gramophone?). I am pretty sure she is not a member of AH (and some outfitters will probably hate my guts for recommending her), but African Indaba has recently published an article by her in this forum, "A Plea to the Professional Hunter and Field Scientist Alike". Now, I claim no personal knowledge, but her hunts sounded very different and might be interesting for you.
Whatever you decide - and I think you will get a lot of good advice and offers on this site - I wish you great hunts that make for lasting memories!
What a great way to celebrate your 60th, it promises to be a tough hunt, but one you won't ever forget! Enjoy it and take a great many pictures!
I think you will have a magnificent hunt. I guess you aren't interested in a leopard at all then?
Second Wind, What an incredible bucket list you have here! You can definitely explore and research your long term plans for Africa however my recommendation would be to first do your 2012 hunting safaris and only then settle and book for the year after... You may find that after having been there a couple of times that your priorities have completely changed so it is important to not get yourself locked into something that may no longer be part of your original plans. I would also encourage you to explore the opportunity to hunt different African countries as they each have so much to offer... five hunts five countries! Looking forward to hearing more, keep us posted!
I agree with Jerome (for what it's worth). I think something like this would be great:

Plains Game - South Africa or Namibia (both!)
Buff and Sable - Mozambique
Elephant - Tanzania or Botswana

Brief note thus far,

First, thanks for the continued kind remarks and suggestions and please keep them coming

The buzzer may have gone off on the birthday trip thanks to Timbear...I have visited Natasha's web site and it seems to be exactly what I am looking for there. Details are still pretty spare but the concept speaks to me profoundly.

Tom, as to the leopard thing, I am indeed interested but had sort of planned that and a few other things for Son of Bucket List or Bucket List a Deux. If you have read (a previous post) how I got to this point in my life you would probably understand better.

Finally, Jerome, I think you are correct to a larger extent, however, for me, working from a multi-year plan seems to benefit an organized effort and certainly helps in our struggle against the inertia that at times leaves us reclined on the couch instead of on our way to somewhere a bit more rewarding. I suspect there will be additions, deletions and changes but I think for me at least, the focus needs to remain on accepting the realization that, after 30 years, if I leave town for a month, this company will not come apart at the seams in my absence.

Second wind

I applaud you on putting your bucket list out for comments...I have mine put together planning out to 2015 also and have been talking with some PH's & outfitters on target animals selections for each safari planned...You are doing the same...good job...

While your bucket list is a very good start...and something that you are able to work off of...

Here is what i see...

All your safari selections while being the same are basically very what country will you go to for these safari's...Your country selection will help guide you on your actual trophy priority will have some mix and match however it should be all good...

In Your example that includes Cape Buffalo for both 2012 & 2013...what size CB are you looking to succeed on... and finding a outfitter-PH who will afford you a 50% or greater of obtaining your goal will be difficult... As your target animal increases the gene pool will narrow your search down to select areas...and usually they are booked well in advance for prime target times of the year...To help guide you you have to pick a trophy target size and use that to guide you...

My Example: Last year i wanted a 40" or greater opportunity on a Cape buffalo...I was able to find a outfitter that the prior year was able to record 12 out of 20 CB that exceeded my 40 inch standard and the year before that was 10 out of 21...E mails and research were able to assist me on where i went...I know you will do the same...
Second Wind, At least one, if not more, Equatorial/Central African country such as Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon or CAR should be on your list of countries to hunt... These countries are very often overlooked however they remain some of the most beautiful destinations to hunt in Africa with a long and legendary tradition of hunting, and offer something uniquely different then Austral/Southern Africa.
A lot of excellent advice above! I think a trip to Benin or Burkina Fasco for buffalo and roan would be a great adventure!
My bucket list inculdes just getting to africa!
a little interjection here regarding trophies, I will mention just one:

In the great room in my home hangs a Trans Pecos Mule Deer in a place of prominence.

A good deer but certainly not a great deer, but, it was killed on the last hunt my Father and my Godfather and I made together.

It has a story and a volume of memories because it represents every hunt we made together

In many aspects, that's my criteria for a trophy
Second Wind, your definition of a "trophy" is perfect. I couldn't agree more. Good luck on your hunts.

Dear Second Wind

Congratulations with your first step of compiling your bucket list. This is as an important step in a "new direction".

We hope all your plans work out. We wish you best of luck duriing the planning process...which is pretty much part of every safari.

Allow us to provide to you the FIRST AFRICAN SAFARI package, which is not only ECONOMICAL, but also TAILOR MADE for each hunter. We trust that you would gather memories to cherish forever with us hunting the WALK AND STALK hunting method... (References are available, since 80% of our clients are returning clients while we take in only one group at a time: You would therefore not share the camp with anyone else...)

Arrival day: $130
First African Safari package: $4 950
Departure day: $130
15% VAT (value added tax) $303-75
Trophy kudu
Trophy Oryx
Trophy Springbuck
Trophy Blue wildebeest
7x Hunting days
TOTAL: $5 513-75
You could add more hunting days $395 (1:1).
You could add more trophies to this package - or exchange the trophies for those which you have on YOUR BUCKET LIST.
Each safari is tailor made.

We will be at the Dallas Safari Club Convention 5 - 8 January 2012 at booth no 1956, Hall E if you want to meet us.


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