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  • Dave:

    Thank you for sticking up for the "little guys." I am one of the those you mentioned that cannot afford a hunt somewhere other than SA. I would not have wanted a hunt such as in the videos shown in this post. I agree with you that there are a few on here who at times, can act snobby. No problem if you have a preference of one type of hunting over another, but don't denigrate those who have a different view.
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    BSO Dave
    BSO Dave
    I have no problem challenging thes guys and calling them out on their elitist BS.. I'm one of the "little guys" too...!
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steve white wrote on wesheltonj's profile.
Well, sir, I am mighty impressed with the quality of the shell cordovan belt. I have several pairs of shoes that are shell cordovan, but had balked at paying over half that price for just a belt. Wouldn't be surprised if this belt doesn't last the rest of my life--for its color application. It sure is a universe removed from the cheaply constructed yet expensive stuff being put out there. Worth the price I paid.
getting ready for a 5 day sable hunt!
joelpend wrote on tward1604's profile.
Norma 404 Brass. A personal check is good and will clear in one day when I electronically deposit.
Thank You
ftrovato wrote on jlb1036's profile.
Thx!!! Let me know what I owe you...
cold and windy day in NW today may catch a rain!