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  • Dear Jim,

    I hope that all is well on your end...

    i went looking on the internet to see what the white tail deer that you estimate to be in the 240 inch bracket...could bring...all location were based on a 3 to 5 day guided hunt...
    unguided and you shoot what you see were lower however prices started at 130 points and you paid for additional inches above that...

    For Guided hunts...one on one...i have found from a low of 5 to 6 K all the way up to 20K. some you stayed in town at a motel at your expense and other you were in a ranch- lodge being catered to...

    Many game farms will no longer let you see prices and you have to provide your name, phone and e mail to receive the information and i did not go there...

    I looked at game farms in the following states to come up with the price figures above: Penn, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma..

    Take care...

    Ps: may be we could trade some e mails about locations on where i could go pig hunting later this winter...
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flatwater bill wrote on KHOMAS HIGHLAND HUNTING SAFARIS's profile.
I hope your hunting season has started off well. I am coming to Namibia for the 7th time in late April of 2022. I am bringing two friends who have never hunted outside of the USA. I have several questions, but before I write them all, I will wait to see if you receive this. Please give a shout................................best regards.........................Bill...............Idaho, USA
My name’s Wyatt Baker. I’m a card-carrying NRA member, an avid outdoorsman, long-time angler, and a big Patrick McManus fan.
Does anyone know where to buy a chamber reamer to convert .458 win to .458 Lott? I hear it is very easy to do—?
Gerry Addison wrote on KKovar's profile.
Do you still have the set of gaiters you talked about on the site? Gerry
Ihuntbiggame wrote on Krist Atanasoff's profile.
Hi Krist, I’m interested in your Sako , can you please send me a email with a better description and your asking price . Thank you. From. Mike