SOUTH AFRICA: Elephant Hunt With Paw Print Safaris 2015


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May 7, 2013
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All Is In Order

It's the night before departure on the biggest hunt of my life. Not sure that sleep will come very easily but I'm going to try. Bryson, my son, just called to let me know that he has everything in order down in Houston and that he will be at the airport early. We are both excited to make this hunt together. Think of the stories he will tell his grandchildren years from now.

The bags are all packed and guns are secured in the case! Hope I didn't forget anything would be an understatement ......but I think I have what I need. The wife and I went to dinner and she has quizzed me to assure all items on my checklist have been packed.

It's a short flight to Atlanta in the morning with a six hour lay over. I'll keep everyone posted as I can. Here is the teaser Pieter sent this morning.....seems he has had someone out scouting!

ow my what a teaser im excited just sitting here in Australia , good luck have great trip cant wait to hear all about it... one day i be doing this hunt
I don't think I am going to sleep ... soak it in!
Have a great trip C. If Pieter has this one singled out.......(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y).

Carpe Diem!
Charlie, may your feet take you to the most cherished spots, shoot straight, have a great time with your son, and trade stories with us when you return. I am leaving tomorrow as well, to Alaska.
Wow Charlie! That is a teaser and then some! Have a great flight and better hunt! Love it that your son is going with and will have those family tails to tell..... This is going to be epic!
Charlie, we all rooting for you. Cherish the moment and I wish you all the best.
Good luck and enjoy a trip of a lifetime! Someday a goal of mine I hope to accomplish. Savour every moment!
congratulations, you will have a blast!

AWSOME Charlie!!! I don't know how I missed your original thread on this but thanks to Jerome for posting it. Have a great time and looking forward to the hunt report when you get back. Be safe and shoot straight! (y)

Have a great trip, make unforgettable memories, enjoy the company of your son, and bag the trophy of a lifetime.
Be well and safe travels.

Enjoy this privileg.
Shoot straight and stay your ground.
Go 10m nearer than your PH would go with other guests:whistle::whistle:
You are not a pony ,you are a wild bronco;)
I'm glad for you.
Stay safe, shoot straight and enjoy.
Good luck charlie and have a great hunt. Pieter and the paw print crew are looking forward to having you and your son in camp.

How incredible is that??? Enjoy every second you have with yous son! Waive at me as you pass through ATL.
Charlie have the greatest time with your son. What great memories you will have. Shoot straight and enjoy every single moment. I'm outta here next Saturday. Look forward to pictures and your report. Elephant wow!

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