woza another sable booked 2024 is getting busy get your dates booked !
I have been getting allot questions about our future marketing trips, we will not be going to the USA in 2024 for a marketing trip , we have enough bookings for the 2024 seasons we will be spending the time and effort on management of our hunting area to prepare for the 2024 season its going to be a very busy year! we have just secured a missive deal with a very big hunting area in RSA we will be getting ready to market it for the 2025 season and we are planning a big marketing trip in early 2025!
jump on this one we will posting new offer for 2025 season soon and the price will go up, book your sable for 2024 before its to late!
we have a few more of these last chance to book before the end of the year!

here is short of our latest project on the hunting area we are getting our hunting cruiser ready for the next hunt!

last chance gents!

we are going to post our 2025 season sable pack soon last chance to book for 2024
is this a ‘put and take’ hunt or are these hunted on a farm with a self sustaining population? Thanks.
is this a ‘put and take’ hunt or are these hunted on a farm with a self sustaining population? Thanks.
Anon this is not! a! Put! and take! safari! would be happy to talk on the phone if you need info on our game areas and management!
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Is your 22HP still available? If so have the original case?
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Hi Ian, I'm contemplating my first outing, leaving UK via Dubai to Africa, taking rifles as you did.

I presume it went okay for you, would you have done anything differently? Cheers, Richard East Sussex
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Are you still looking for a 375 H&H?
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Sable @ the lodge this morning