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Jan 15, 2014
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Pennsylvania USA
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Awesome trip to South Africa with Henry Griffiths Safaris. I met Henry at the Harrisburg PA sportsman show. From the moment I stopped at his table to talk with him I knew I had to book a hunt with him. After a year of going back and forth via Facebook I pulled the trigger and was headed to the Kalahari.

Henry picked us up in Joberg and we headed for Stella South Africa. After we arrived in the middle of nowhere on a lot of Sandy roads we were finally in camp. This is where we met with his wonderful wife Tanya. Who was going to manage camp. The camp was very nice with a few chalets and main thatched roof style building which is where we gathered for meals and drinks each night. So after nearly 24 hours of traveling from the states my wife and I settled in for the night.

The next morning we gathered our gear after a quick breakfast and headed out. We spent the morning trying to stalk black wildebeest in the open Plains. Which Henry did explain was no easy task. At one point we were down to hands and knees moving in on them. We were able to get a nice bull in scope but Henry advised he was not exactly what we were looking for. So we backed out. A few hours later while stalking a red Hartabeest which we spooked a beautiful black wildebeest came running through.

The following after noon we were able to take a blesbok.

While we were hunting this common blesbok we kept seeing a nice white blesbok in the herd. We spent an entire afternoon trying to get within range of him. Just when we would think we were good he would bolt again. So up early the following morning with the sole objective of trying to get this white ram. Sure enough at about 9 am he showed himself. While standing alone at 300 yards we connected with him.

What an amazing morning that was.

After that it was back for an early breakfast and we decided to pull up camp and head to piet Plessis.

After a few hours drive we arrived to a beautiful farm in Piet Plessis. Which was the same set up as previous farm.

The following morning we were able to connect with a nice springbok

This was my third trip to dark continent, first time hunting with Henry. So I was looking for certain animals. My wife decided we should try to find a zebra, since she really like the rug we had from a previous hunt. This turned out to be the toughest part of the hunt. We spent 3 days looking for zebra. It wasn't that we didn't see zebra. It was that trying to get a shot was proving to be difficult. At one point Henry and I were convinced that the Zebra could hear us talking about them. We had other animals standing in the road but the Zebra wouldn't hang around at all. After some persistence we put a great stalk on a large herd and got lucky enough to take a nice stallion.

This is Henry and I.
Now for my favorite part of the hunt. Before I left for my trip Henry advised me that there was two old Sable bulls the owner of the property wanted to be hunted. So with 3 days left we geared up to take a peak at these Sable. Henry advised it may take 3 days to find both of them and decide if I wanted one of them. So the first morning we were able to find one of the bulls which had broken tips. I was ready to pull the trigger. Henry said he's not spooked lets go see if we can find the other bull. I decided he was right and we drove off in search of the second bull. The only thing going through my mind as we lost sight of the first bull was we will never see him again. Well within an hour we found the second bull. With a quick look I knew I liked the first one better, even though the second bull did not have broken tips. So AGAIN we decided to leave this bull and go back in search of the other one. Again with an hour we caught up to him.

All I can say is I was thrilled to be able to take this awesome animal. With such amazing character. When the farm manager came to check him out. He said yup that's the old bull that had a serious attitude problem and broke his tips fighting. We determined that he was roughly 13 years old and barely any teeth left. I was honored to be able to hunt this magnificent animal.

Since we planned 3 days to hunt these Sable and it only took us until about lunch time of the first day we were able to relax and enjoy being in Africa. So we spent the rest of the time cruising the farm and enjoying some cocktails.

On the last night Tanya prepared all the filets out of each animal while we enjoyed our last night in Africa. I have to say the springbok was my favorite.

My wife and I had an amazing hunt with Henry and his wife Tanya. They are two kind down to earth people that made the trip fantastic. I have found my PH for all of future trips to Africa.

As I type this I am counting the days until my next trip which is in 17 days. Lol. I am taking my wife to Cape Town then heading up to see some friends in Hartabeesport. I have already planned to meet Henry for a few days on a farm in limpopo he is now hunting.

So anyone looking for a fantastic hunt in South Africa with a great outfit. Do not hesitate to contact Henry Griffiths Safaris.
Great report, congrats on your trophies.
Thanks for sharing your hunt with us.
Great success.
Seems like you really enjoyed it, congrats !
Congrats and thanks for sharing!
Congrats on your hunt. The sable bull you took will be a conversation item for many years to come. How do you plan to have him mounted?
WOW! Congrats and thanks for sharing the hunt with us.
Congrats on great hunt! Am going to spend a few days with Henry the first part of Oct.
Good going. Congratulations on your trophies. Great memories for years to come.
nice animals,good hunt,glad you had a good time.
Looks like a great hunt . thanks for sharing. Forrest

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