I was just reading yesterday where Poland has sent many of their PT-91 tanks to Ukraine already and is sending some 30 more soon, in addition to 14 Leopard 2 tanks. I guess the PT-91s are Polish manufactured upgraded versions of the Russian T-72. Should be readily operable by Ukranian tank crews already familiar with the T-72s.
That is a major complaint about using self-loading firearms- unless a brass catcher is used, the brass gets thrown to hell & back and more time is spent chasing empties than in shooting.
Been using a brass catcher on my AR since I fired the first round. It confounds the hell out of me why guys still throw their brass all over then spend time on their hands and knees on cold concrete or dirt trying to find it. Unfortunately, the gun community isn't immune to the feeble minded.
With regard to the Russia-Ukraine situation the Nations coming to the defense of Ukraine with armaments, specifically tanks should have two questions. The answers to the questions may be known (to a high degree of accuracy) but as any good poker player knows, the answer is not publicized. #1 how many tanks of sufficient capability does Russia have? 2- How many of these is Russia willing to commit to the conflict and risk losing them all?
I see Canada is really pushing the boat out.....

Got this on a fortune cookie, and I wish it was true now:

“The aim of education is to teach us how to think, not what to think.”
Sending the only ones that actually start.
It's a global block heater shortage. You probably don't notice it in Africa, but it has made things hard here in the great white north. Honest.
I see Canada is really pushing the boat out.....

They only have 82 configured for combat operations… and I’d guess 20-30% of those are deadlined at any time for maintenance issues based on what I know about Canadas military aircraft and naval assets…

4 is probably a “bigger” donation for Canada than the 31 MBTs that the US is sending over is for the US
The libs are not going to let up with their equity diversity nonsense. It is clearly a coordinated effort that is being centrally directed. It has been pushed much like a war and it has gained huge traction through having the indoctrinated dodderer in chief signing and supporting idiocy. There is huge money behind them, it reeks of Soros. The only way to break the momentum is to push back relentlessly, ruthlessly. And smartly. As in warfare there is a need for a hearts and minds op to keep the non committed out of it, or win them over. This is easy because it is morally correct - the nation will implode for all, not just the conservatives if the crazies kill productivity. I am seeing this more and more, DeSantis and his flat out rejection, Haley with her solid logic and McCarthy with his surprising strength. More of the same needed!
So how's this going to go....he is apparently way ahead in the polls even over de Santis......

BBC News - Trump's 2024 campaign has a different look, for now
So how's this going to go....he is apparently way ahead in the polls even over de Santis......

BBC News - Trump's 2024 campaign has a different look, for now
I don’t trust the polls at all. I think our media and politics have basically turned into the fiction and theatre of reality tv. Everyone I know is anxiously wanting to vote for Desantis rather than Trump. But Trump makes for better ratings that the news discovered they were living on and now their ratings have gone in the crapper.
BUT, everyone I know will also pull the lever for Trump instead of one of those Uniparty crooks if Desantis isn’t a choice.

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I like the Tillie in my picture. They are supposed to fit loose (2 fingers inside hat band), have mesh for cooling, and hold their shape after washing.
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