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Sep 4, 2010
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Hello everybody! I'm a very new member and having a little trouble posting my 1st thread! I hope somebody at Africa Hunting can read this as I am just learning about your wonderful site and hope to continue to make new friends and learn about your hunting experiences in and around Africa. I would like to get some data on reloading for a .416 Rigby, using a CZ 550 .416 Rigby and starting with 300 gr bullets and going thru 450 gr bullets using bullets from Barnes thru Woodleigh and everything in between. I have a Dillion RL 550 reloading press and presently am using CCI-250 and Federal 215 large rifle magnum primers and have two different powders of Hodgdon H-4831 and H-4350 and using Hornady brass. I would be interested in other powders that produce higher velocity as well as other primers and brass. I presently have Barnes reloading manual #4 and Hornady handbook of cartridge reloading 8th edition. I also would like reloading data for my pre-64 Winchester model 70 in .300 H&H magnum utilizing bullets from 165 gr thru 230 gr (Burger) and other manufactures as well. I also do some reloading for handguns from .32ACP thru .454 Casull as well as .45 ACP. (and other calibers in between) Any help from the AfricaHunting members would be sincerely appreciated! I'm glad to be a new member of such an exciting organization!

Bob R Hess

Welcome to AH...

You just hit the ground running with a bunch of reloading questions...i am sure you will get some good reply's..
Welcome to AH...I am sure someone here can help you.
There you go Bob.
Can't help you with your particular caliber.

Have you shot these loads through your rifle?

Why you wanting more speed?
Welcome aboard Bob. Wish I could help with your reloading questions, but I just started reloading for myself last winter and finally perfected a load for my 7mm Reg Mag - not quite in the same league as the .416. Good luck.

Welcome to the Forum Bobrhess!

You sound like a very experienced man when it comes to calibers.

Best Regards
Louis van Bergen
Welcome to AH!
Welcome to the forum, Bob

We have a reloading sub-forum where you might want to post your questions.
thanks,Bob(you've got a good name there),as a matter of fact I have been to the Hodgdon site and they indeed have a lot of good data there as I have used some it. thanks for replying to my post!
Nyati, where do I locate the reloading sub-forum in AH?
Scroll down to

Firearms and Ammunitions Forums

There you will find Reloading
Welcome and congrats with your first posting.

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