Leopard Hunt With Hounds Botswana

Well if shooting a leopard off the back of a truck is your dream hunt and it being illegal to do so in the country you are conducting the hunt in hell go for it just ignore my opinion.....simple...

Thank you everyone. I understand this hunt may not be for everyone. To each there own. It is not illegal. We would not post illegal hunts on this site. If anyone would like to discuss this hunt please feel free to phone me anytime.
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Thank you for pulling this back on track Jaco. Good luck selling your hunt. Leopard over hounds sounds like quite an adventure!
You’re right. And when he’s dead on the hood of the truck, you can just turn around and drive back to camp like that

Read what you said to me Bwana, and tell me why I was out of line by calling you a jackass.

YOU are the pompous one
Name calling will not be tolerated, this is a friendly community based on mutual respect. Please refrain from continuing this tone.
Without trying to get into an argument with anybody:
1) Hunting leopards from a truck is not banned in Botswana for at least the last three years.
2) Morality is subjective and no two people can have the same ideals on what’s right and what’s wrong

I will also say that if anybody is trying to assert that hunting leopards from the back of a truck is devoid of risks, then nothing could be further from the truth. I speak from personal experience.

I support Jaco and would personally be honored to hunt leopard with him.
Not sure where you all are getting your information from.....
Hunting(shooting) from a truck or within 200m(220 yards) from a vehicle is illegal in Botswana.....
Hunting over bait for leopard is permitted ONLY BETWEEN 16H00 AND 18H00 HRS.....
You may defend yourself in a situation where your life is in danger......eg. as someone posted if the leopard charges the truck while on the way to the blind sure you can shoot it.....however the "throphy" is forfeited to the state so you cannot claim it....and if fiund justified uou dont pay for it....

If the above is not so please post the current Law in Botswana regarding and I will apologise and retract my statements.....

If correct I would expect the same......
I do know that a lot of the hunting law about Botswana which we find online appears to have been taken from the same source and just copy pasted by different firms or websites. And at least some of it isn’t fully accurate/updated.

For instance, most websites about hunting in Botswana also mention that .577 NE is the largest dangerous game caliber which one can legally own and use in Botswana. This is certainly not true, because I know at least two hunters there who own and use .600 NE rifles in Botswana.

I just asked Jeff Rann (of Botswana fame) the question about the legality of using trucks to hunt leopards, and he’s a 100% sure that it’s not illegal. No promises, but he’ll try to find the law (ON PAPER) which repealed the restriction. It’s actually been repealed for quite some time, apparently.

I recall Jeff catching a lot of flack for a video a few years back, of him and a client hunting a leopard from a truck with 12 gauge (3 1/2” Super Magnum) Benelli Super Black Eagle semi autos (loaded with 3” Magnum Federal Premium Copper Plated O.O Buck). At the time, a lot of antis were calling the hunt “illegal“ and unfortunately a lot of us hunters were also condemning the hunt as illegal (time and again, we hunters have proven that we’re our own worst enemies due to all of our infighting which only allows the antis to divide us that much easier).

Anyway, Jeff eventually released a statement which clarified that the hunt was indeed very legal (which a subsequent investigation quickly proved) and he continues to successfully operate today. We spoke about this in 2020 and we spoke about this in more detail, today.
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If hunting a leopard behind hounds is not sporty or exciting, ask @Philip Glass about his hunt. If I recall correctly the leopard charged and got the PH before it was killed by @Philip Glass. My apologies to @Philip Glass if I got this wrong.
I would follow hounds into the Botswana thorn scrub. It sounds like an awesome adventure!
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Before you start demeaning an offer, get your facts straight.
  • It is not illegal to hunt from a vehicle in Botswana. It is illegal to discharge a firearm. *

  • You can also bait Leopards for more than two hours of the day. Perhaps @IvW had a typo, or is he intentionally misleading people. Shall we give him the benefit of the doubt? I'm pretty certain that hunting in day light hours is the law.

  • As the OP stated - the Leopard will be tracked on foot. Followed with a vehicle if required to remain close. Then, approached on foot if treed, etc.

  • * If charged and you are in danger while in the vehicle "it is not unlawful to defend oneself"

Jerome was more tolerant than me. If the offer is not for you, move on.
Allow me to clarify what I posted.

You can most certainly use a vehicle to get to the hunting area or move around in the hunting area(spot and stalk). You cannot use the vehicle to "drive, stampede or disturb" the animal hunted.
It is indeed illegal to "discharge a firearm at any animal" from the vehicle. You may also not discharge a firearm at an animal if you are closer than 200 meters from the vehicle.

You can bait for leopards, max 3 baits but you can only sit in the blind from 16h00 to 18h00. Any other times the blind needs to be vacated. So you can only hunt/shoot the leopard over bait between 16h00 and 18h00.

You can of course shoot any animal from the vehicle if it charges the vehicle and lives are at stake.....however in this case you cannot claim the throphy you have to forfeit it to the state....

If this is not so and the Laws have changed perhaps someone could post the new laws where this has changed and then I owe an apology.

I am sure my posts can then also be deleted.

Yes this is not for me so I will move on from it and I will not post again on this thread.
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Honestly, while I usually would have a problem with following up on any other game from a vehicle, the reality with the Great Cats is that they are more than capable of reaching the inside of a vehicle once aggravated or wounded. To me, that makes following up from a vehicle perfectly ethical and sportsman-like. Now if it were me, I'd take every opportunity to follow up on a wounded cat on foot, rather than from the vehicle. But sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. Listen to the wisdom of your PH.
If hunting a leopard behind hounds is not sporty or exciting, ask @Philip Glass about his hunt. If I recall correctly the leopard charged and got the PH before it was killed by @Philip Glass. My apologies to @Philip Glass if I got this wrong.
Yes you are remembering correctly!
I just want hunters to know the danger and be very prepared. Think it over and dont take this hunt lightly.

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