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Impala Hunting

Impala Hunting

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  • Safari Hats
    Is the Stetson to much for hot weather hunts? That (fedora style) is my preferred hat for most of my (usually colder/rainy) hunts. For my upcoming Mozambique hunt I am quite concerned about the heat. Was looking at some similar straw hats, but questioned if they would survive the plane rides..
  • Kudu Hunt Botswana
    Great guy , congrats
  • Hunt Spotted Hyena in Mozambique
    Looks like a big one!! Congratulations!!
  • Taxidermy Bongo
    Need a good African animal taxidermist. Mine has became in embroiled in a family crisis.

    We have mannikins, bases, hides/horns/skulls. A good tan's been done on the hides.

    1) Full body black lechwe; 2) pedestal roan, tsessebe, and hartebeest; 3) shoulder, wall mount oribi and reedbuck.

  • Buffalo Skull Taxidermy
    Very nice TT. I can't wait to see how mine turned out. :)