How do you afford Africa?

Discussion in 'Before & After the Hunt' started by JPbowhunter, May 16, 2019.

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    Sounds like you are being very reasonable.

    @rookhawk offers very great advice, most of which you seem to do great at.

    My way was to work hard and as smart as possible but for myself. I was never good at "saving" because there are always better options. So I re-invested heavily. Borrowed money always went into business first. Took a long time before I borrowed for a really nice house and then just for the solid base, waiting for frills like expensive flooring until more recently.

    The biggest thing is you need to "pay your dues"... as Loretta Lynn put it;) Young guys need to be patient. Although I freely admit I was way to patient waiting until I was 50 before my first trip. But when I did go, my budget was as open as I wanted it to be.

    As for extra money making ideas, through the years I've done a lot including scrapping out junk cars, first was when I was 8 years old. Selling sweet corn roadside, started at 9. Pedding firewood in the Twin Cities door to door through high school, not sure how many 16 year olds would spend their winters cutting and splitting wood all week after school, skip out at noon on Fridays and drive 100 miles each way then do it again on Saturday and Sunday.... or be allowed too! But I usually deposited $1000 in the bank Monday morning.. In the late 70's and early 80's. I don't think mom and Dad realized I was probably making more than them;) I had a classmate who ran a trap line throughout jr and senior high and made real decent money.

    When the economy tanked because of the housing crisis I bought houses, flipped 6 in a year and a half, still renting 3. At that time flipping houses was a nice $100,000 per year bonus for nights and weekends.

    One brother started trimming trees and jockeying hay at a young age. The other had a Chevy Luv pickup he'd drive to the Cities and would rent things like a lawn aerator or stump grinder and go door to door. He could clear $300 cash in a day, again many years ago....
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    Once the big things paid for then you can save for hunts and be ahead of the pack
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