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Jan 12, 2016
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Hello all, I found this sight while researching broadheads for my upcoming 10 day bow hunting safari (Limpopo). I'm looking forward to any and all advice from what appears to be a trove of information and knowledgeable people here.
As this will be an archery safari I will be taking my 59# recurve bow and my crossbow. (I haven't done enough investigation on this forum to know whether crossbows are considered "bad". But then again I don't give a flip if someone has a problem with them. Just being honest up front about that.)

Equipment-wise my recurve (Sky Archery ILF riser/BF Extreme limbs), will be throwing Easton FMJ footed arrows that will be between 660-750gr depending on the final broadhead choice. I'm getting somewhere around 180fps with this rig. I'm still trying to find the right 2blade broadhead. I have shot Simmons and Centaurs and not sure I'm satisfied yet. The Simmons Sharks and Centaur Big Game heads are monster 2-blades and I have no issues with them. I guess I'm just not done researching broadheads yet. Definitely could use some advice here from someone with a similar set up.

My crossbow is an M355 Excalibur and I'm shooting +460gr arrows at 320fps with either Slick Trick Mags or Simmons/Centaur 2-blade broadheads. Ideally I'd like to have the same 2-blade heads dialed in for both rigs. I've shot a large whitetail deer with the Centaur Big Game head with this rig this year so I know you can tune a large 2-blade for high velocity.

I'll be pursuing Kudu, Gemsbok, and impala as my main list. Zebra, wildebeest, springbuck are all targets of opportunity. Some will be from a blind but I would really like to get out and stalk one of these species. I could use advice on that as well...which to pursue this way?

So, glad to be here and looking forward to good conversation, knowledge, and all of the hunting prep for an outstanding trip!


@DrewFS thanks for joining the site, we are glad to have you. We wont hold the stick and string addiction against you too much. I work with a great outfitter in RSA who will gladly host you for a spot and stalk hunt as well as some still hunting if you would like. Please drop me a PM or email. JJ
Welcome to AH!
Welcome to AH, no weapons or quarry are frowned upon here. There is a good knowledge base here to help with any questions you have.
Welcome Drew! Hope you upcoming hunt is great. Remember to post some pictures when you get back!
Welcome to AH.
Welcome and have a great hunt.
Welcome Drew, enjoy your first safari! I just returned from my first safari (rifle) in Limpopo this September, it was fantastic. If you have any general questions, feel free to PM me.

Welcome to AH!
Hi Drew, welcome to AH !
Thanks everyone, I cannot wait to get to SA. But I love the whole process of gear selection, prep, and practice, practice, practice.
Welcome to AH Drew!
Welcome and best of luck with you Limpopo hunt
Welcome to AH Drew! Enjoy your hunt and bring us back a hunting report with lots of pics, your going to love it.
Welcome to AH.

All the best from Romania!

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We have just completed a group hunt with guys from North Carolina, please feel free to contact the organizers of the group, Auburn at auburn@opextechnologies.com or Courtney at courtney@opextechnologies.com Please visit our website www.blaauwkrantz.com and email me at zanidixie@gmail.com