1. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Kowas Hunting Safaris Hunting Packages

    We are proud to share our 2018 packages with you. Link to the packages: HUNTING PACKAGES Affordable. Exclusive. Authentic. FIRST AFRICAN SAFARI USD $6,000 9 Days total (7 hunting days) All inclusive – Accommodation, meals & beverages 4...
  2. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Kowas Hunting Safaris new website

    We invite you to visit our new website Since your opinion is valuable to us, we kindly request you to provide feedback on the following (but not restricted to) issues: a) downloading time b) navigation c) content d) any comment / remark / recommendation / suggestion...
  3. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Kowas Hunting Safaris 2018 show schedule

    Jacques and Elleni Strauss invite you to visit Kowas Hunting Safaris at the following hunters conventions: Dallas Safari Club, booth no 2500 : January, 4 – 7, 2018 ISE Expo, booth no 2719, Denver, Colorado: January 11 – 14, 2018 Sportsmen’s Expo...
  4. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Horseback Hunting Safaris in Namibia

    I have thought about the idea of Horse-back Safaris for quit some time... I would like to have some inputs and shared ideas to round off this idea that I plan to putt together in 2018. Our hunting area is 400 000 acres.... Most of it is huntable and quit easy to get to, however there are some...
  5. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Early Season Hunt Package 4 Trophies 9 Days 2018 US$4,900

    Kowas Hunting Safaris: Early Season Package (2018) 9 Days Arrival Day - 7x Hunting Days - Departure Day 4Trophies 1x Kudu 1x Oryx 1x Bluewildebeest or Red Hartebeest 1x Impala or Springbuck ALL INCLUSIVE..... USD 4 900 (Per Hunter 1:1) *** Observer: can be added at USD 100 per day***...
  6. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Jagd Afrikanisches Safari Paket $5,500

    Jagd Afrikanisches Safari Paket $5,500 Inbegriffen: Ankunftstag 7x Jagdtage Abreisetag Kudu / Oryx / Springbuck / Blauer Gnusse ODER Rot Hartebeest MEHR TROPHIES KÖNNEN HINZUFÜGEN Abholung und Rückkehr vom Flughafen Windhoek International Straßentransport Unterkunft Mahlzeiten Professionelle...
  7. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Chasse Safari Africain $5,500

    Chasse Safari Africain $5,500 Inclus: Jour d'arrivée 7 jours de chasse Jour de départ Kudu / Oryx / Springbuck / gnous bleu OU Red Hartebeest PLUS DE TROPHES PEUVENT ÊTRE AJOUTÉS Ramassez et revenez de l'aéroport international de Windhoek Transport routier Hébergement Repas Services de chasseurs...
  8. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Jakt Safari Pakket $5,500

    Jakt Safari Pakket $5,500 Inkludert: Ankomstdag 7x jakt dager Avreisedag Kudu / Oryx / Springbuck / Blue wildebeest ELLER Rød Hartebeest FLERE TROFIER KAN FØLGES Plukk opp og returner fra Windhoek International flyplass Veitransport Overnatting måltider Profesjonell jeger tjenester Felt trofé...
  9. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Caza Safari Africano $5,500

    Caza Safari Africano $5,500 Incluido: Dia de llegada 7 días de caza Día de salida Kudu / Oryx / Springbuck / ñu azul O Red Hartebeest SE PUEDEN AÑADIR MÁS TROFEOS Recojo y regreso desde el aeropuerto internacional de Windhoek Transporte por carretera Alojamiento Comidas Servicios de cazadores...
  10. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Kowas Hunting Safaris Season Highlights 2017

    We have had a blessed 2017 hunting season here at Kowas Hunting Safaris! Have a look (y)
  11. 375 Ruger Fan

    NAMIBIA: Waterberg Plateau Park

    I posted this question on another thread and didn't get any replies, so I thought I'd create a new thread. Basically, I am looking for any info on the Waterberg Plateau Park area in Namibia. Wondering if there is something magical about this area. I viewed a website of an outfitter and...
  12. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Olotete Hunt Special With Kowas Hunting Safaris For Members

    Kowas Hunting Safaris: Olotete Special ( Members ONLY) The name 'Olotete' is an Oshiwambo word meaning "First-time". Which is the inspiration behind the special Kowas Hunting Safaris is offering to the members. Terms & Conditions: 1. You have to be a Member 2. The booked...
  13. Lrntolive

    NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Africa Is Not For Sissies Hunting With Otjandaue Hunting Safaris

    This is my review of my hunt with Roy and Janet van de Merwe of Otjandaue Hunting Safaris. I have written this in a story format with images. A basic review is at the end. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks, lrntolive
  14. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Namibian Hunting Special With Kowas Hunting Safaris US$3,900

    Namibian Special 7 Days total: Arrival day, 5 hunting days, departure day 1x Greater Kudu 1x Gemsbuck (oryx) 1x Springbuck ALL INCLUSIVE..... $3 900 2017 Available Dates: 2-10 November! 400 000 acres free ranging areas to hunt on... 19 years of experience in the trophy hunting industry...
  15. Hunting Namibia's unique Landscapes

    Hunting Namibia's unique Landscapes

    Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris

    Convention Hunt Special January & February

    Dear Africa Hunting friends! we would like to use the opportunity to invite you to come hunt with us in Namibia. We own two very well established Ranches in central Namibia and operate hunting Safaris throughout Namibia. All free-range conservation hunting areas!! Our main hunting area lies in...
  17. Philip Glass

    NAMIBIA: Leopard Hunt At Westfalen

    I hunted in northern Namibia with Westfalen Safaris in October and November 2016. I was hunting leopard, damara dik dik, and klipspringer primarily. On the first day we spotted elephants, mountain zebras, giraffe, gemsbok and other game. The drought has raged on for two years in this part of the...

    NAMIBIA: Ndumo Hunting Safaris Highlights 2016

    Hi all I have a few days off, sitting in a nice air-conditioned room, and sorting out my brochures for the 2017 show season. In the process I had to sort through this year's photos, to pick which ones makes it to the brochure, banner and upgraded website (should launch 1 December 2016). This...
  19. R

    NAMIBIA: Hunt With Sumsare Safaris & Gerard Erasmus 2016

    I had a great hunt with Sumsare Safaris in Namibia. I had hunted with PH Gerard Erasmus years ago in South Africa and chose him again for my second African safari. I was hunting plains game. We hunted in two areas; 1. A short distance north of Windhoek on approximately 65,000 acres split...
  20. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Namibia Safari With KMG Hunting Safaris 2017

    We wish to offer the following opportunity to join us in camp for a safari in Namibia. The dates are for arrival on 30 June - 8 July 2017. Should you wish to extend the trip to a 10 day safari, we could arrange for earlier arrival on 27 June 2017, with departure still on 8 July. We can only...

    Hunt Namibia Top 10

    Hunt with us in the largest conservation hunting area in central Namibia- Khomas Hochland Conservancy This all inclusive package offers you- TEN FULL DAY HUNT + ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE DAY SPECIES INCLUDED: 1. GREATER KUDU 2. RED HARTEBEEST 3. GEMSBUCK 4. MOUNTIAN ZEBRA 5. SPRINGBUCK 6. BLACK...
  22. Jacques.strauss

    The Greater Kudu

    Dear Hunting Buddies I am a worried man about our Greater Kudu populations here in Namibia... Majorly because most farmers/ranchers that I talked to throughout Namibia said that their Greater Kudu populations aren't the same anymore. They are decreasing in number slowly but surely over...

    Hunt In Namibia

    Dear Africa Hunting enthusiasts, we would like to use the opportunity to invite you to come hunt with us in Namibia. I am the third generation hunter in Africa in our Family. We own a very well established Ranch in central Namibia and operate on three unique hunting areas across Namibia. All...

    Hello fellow Africa Hunters

    Dear Africa hunting community, I would like to use the opportunity to introduce myself as Professional Hunter and conservationist in Africa. Recently we joined the community as an sponsor, to represent our hunting operation in Namibia and Cameroon. In Namibia we are a well established hunting...
  25. Jacques.strauss

    Kowas Hunting Safaris 2016 Hunting Season

    Dear Friends I thought I would take the time to let you know how our 2016 hunting season at Kowas Hunting Safaris is doing so far. We are situated 140km south-east of Namibia's capital city Windhoek. The rainy season hasn't treated us that well this season, but we are glad that we have grass...
  26. Jacques.strauss

    A Campfire Story For One Day

    Two and a half sun-beaten, dehydrated and dusty days of glassing and tracking turned into a day that will be told and retold around campfires for decades to come. My good friend Joseph von Benedikt brought his twin brother and two great friends Dan & Paul along on their first African Safari...
  27. Jacques.strauss

    Outa Wodula

    In all corners of Namibia, during December to February farmers and ranchers stare crinkly-eyed to the north, hoping to see a build-up of cumulus nimbus that may bring divine relief to the baked white land. The scorching heat at this time presses down on your chest, as if carrying a heavy...
  28. Philip Glass

    Caprivi Adventure Video

    Here is the short version of my safari video. This is my 2015 Caprivi hunt for non trophy elephant, buffalo, hippo, and red lechwe. Hope you enjoy it! Regards, Philip Glass
  29. gpelkhunter

    NAMIBIA: Hunting Trip With Christie's Adventures

    Day 1, Oct 6, 2015: Finally in Namibia. 40 hours after leaving Grande Prairie, the plane touches down in Windhoek. It's 6 am local time and the daylight is just starting to show the landscape. Low brush that is mostly brown with almost no leaves, covers the flat Savannah area, it is the end of...

    The Return to ....

    It is under two years since my last step onto African soil. This return needed a completely different route. Different Route, Why?, you say. Coming from Canada you have only so many choices, not really very dissimilar to the USA. One way or the other you have to get across that Ocean, but for...
  31. Red Hartebeest

    Red Hartebeest

    Namibia 2009 390 yard shot with a .375 :)
  32. Oryx 111 cm, Namibia, Farm Donkerhuk

    Oryx 111 cm, Namibia, Farm Donkerhuk

    This old Oryx cow was taken with my old trusted, 1904 crafted , Mauser 7x57. Distance about 180m, with a 150gr bullet. Horns measured 111 cm and 110 cm respectively.
  33. Monte Abshier SPRINGBUCK

    Monte Abshier SPRINGBUCK

    Trophy hunting with Kowas Adventure Safaris, Namibia, Africa. Client: Monte Abshier. Specy: Springbuck
  34. Monte Abshier ORYX (Gemsbuck)

    Monte Abshier ORYX (Gemsbuck)

    Trophy hunting with Kowas Adventure Safaris, Namibia, Africa. Client: Monte Abshier. Specy: Oryx (Gemsbuck)
  35. Monte Abshier GREATER KUDU

    Monte Abshier GREATER KUDU

    Trophy hunting with Kowas Adventure Safaris, client Monte Abshier, GREATER KUDU.
  36. Monte Abshier IMPALA

    Monte Abshier IMPALA

    Trophy hunting with Kowas Adventure Safaris, client Monte Abshier - IMPALA
  37. MONTE ABSHIER trophies

    MONTE ABSHIER trophies

    Trophy hunting with Kowas Adventure Safaris, client Monte Abshier. 6x trophies in 5x hunting days. Congratulations, Monte. Trust that you would cherish your memories forever.
  38. Fishing in Namibia, Zambezi river

    Fishing in Namibia, Zambezi river

  39. Kudu, Namibia

    Kudu, Namibia

    Kudu taken August 2011 in Namibia with La Bips Safaris
  40. Springbok, Namibia

    Springbok, Namibia

    Springbok taken August 2011 in Namibia with La Bips Safaris
  41. Red hartebeest, Namibia

    Red hartebeest, Namibia

    Red hartebeest taken August 2011 in Namibia with La Bips Safaris
  42. Ostrich, Namibia

    Ostrich, Namibia

    Ostrich taken August 2011 in Namibia with La Bips Safaris
  43. Steenbok


    Steenbok taken in Kalahari Desert of southern Namibia, August 2011 with La Bips Safaris
  44. White Rhino hunted on the Waterberg Plateau in Namibia

    White Rhino hunted on the Waterberg Plateau in Namibia

  45. Sunset in the Bush

    Sunset in the Bush

  46. Sunset in Nambia

    Sunset in Nambia

  47. Vulture


  48. Ozondjahe Peak Mountain

    Ozondjahe Peak Mountain

  49. Small Waterberg Plateau

    Small Waterberg Plateau

  50. Sunset in Nambia

    Sunset in Nambia