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Hunting in Africa Namibia
Always a amazing experience. Hunting in Namibia. Discover the country and learn about the animal fauna in hunting or at an exciting safari to know.

Come alone, with your friends or with your whole family. Just visit our feedback page of the former hunting guests.

Hunting with friends
Namibia is, in many ways, the perfect country for guests who are visiting Africa for the first time and especially for hunting. Namibia is world famous for its abundance of wildlife and its unforgettable hunting experiences.

It is ideal for a first (and of course continuing) glimpse into the huge topic of “Hunting in Africa”.

Experience Namibia's unique Landscapes
We offer a large amount of different game that can be hunted on either in the Khomas Highlands or in the Kalahari area. Game species include for example zebra, kudu, oryx, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, eland, springbok, warthog and many more.

The package includes
1x Kudu
1x Gemsbok
1x Hartmans Zebra
1x Blue Wildebeest
1x Black Wildebeest
1x Springbok
1x Red Hartebeest
1x Warthog
1x Steinbok
1x Black-backed Jackal or Chacma Baboon

10 Full Hunting Days + 2 arrival and departure days (edit)

USD 9,450.00,- AH Special


The package prices include all daily rates and trophies.
Hunt can be upgraded by price list.
Hunt will take place in the Khomas Highland Conservancy. 100% genuine free-range on 174 000 Hektars = 4 000 000 acres
All prices are quoted in United States dollars.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

best regards

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Yeah there are some fantastic looking kudu coming out of that area!
I did some quick math and it looks to me like just the trophy fees add up to approx $7000. So the hunter would be staying 10 nights +2 travel days essentially $950!! Wow!! This is another amazingly good package offer!!
Thank you Gentleman for the positive feedback, without a doubt we operate in two world class hunting areas! Wish you all safe travels and best hunting on all your hunting paths this season.
Ladies & Gents,

Considering that it's only an hour and a half from a major airport and, it's dripping with game, and, it is not high fenced, it's a bit surreal that, this part of Namibia is not both famous and expensive to book hunts in.
Anyway, Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris, has some of the best free range "plains game" hunting, that Africa has to offer.
Leopard and brown hyena are also common there.
We also offer hunting for grouse (francolin), guinea fowl, red billed duck and Egyptian geese, as well as salt water fishing for various species.

Located within the approximately 4 million acre Khomas Hochland Highlands Conservancy which, is not high fenced, we hunt only truly wild animals up there that, have all those mountains, hills, valleys and canyons to hide in.
It is fair chase for sure but, there is so much game present that, you will have many opportunities to bag a generously diversified species list.
There is a Hartman's zebra and oryx (aka: gemsbok) migration up to there and back down again each year, according to the rains and the grasses.
Likewise, quite a few other species live there year around (non-migratory).

As BRICKBURN and others have already mentioned, this is an excellent opportunity location for abundant, large kudu.
As jeff already mentioned, the black wildebeest there tend to have large (aka: "heavy") bosses.
I will add that in my observations while hunting up there, many of the blue wildebeest bulls in this area also tend to sport larger / heavier horn bosses than I am used to.

For anyone who is planning to hunt in Africa, in not-high-fenced conditions, at VERY affordable prices, please do read my posts:
Namibia's "Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris"
If my lengthy narratives and numerous photographs contained therein did not bore you to tears, I had posted a little bit about the planning stage in:
The Old Dog Hunts Again.

I was only just a very happy client at that time.
Since then, Philip has graciously offered to me a position with his safari company and I have accepted.
When I was wee lad, reading Outdoor Life magazine and similar literature, stories of Africa definitely held my interest but, for me it was as impossible as visiting the planet Mars.
Back then, if someone had told me that, I would not only hunt in Africa several times but, would also be employed within the Safari Industry, I would have presumed they were insane.

Best regards,
Velo Dog.
Some awesome trophies! Wow...10 animals in 10 days! That’s one busy hunt! I can’t imagine even hauling 10 animals and skinning them in that amount of time! Your crew must get exhausted!
Sounds like a grand time! Namibia is on my bucket list, but not this year.
Phillip Phillip Phillip !!!
You are becoming a legend very fast here on AH .
Thats one hell of a deal , even my wife said F...K when I showed her !!
Shame I havnt got the time at the moment .
Thats a bloody good deal mate , keep it up .
Cheers Dory .
:D Beers:
What are eland numbers like? What is hunting baboons like there?

Hi BenKK,

Baboons are very plentiful in the highlands but they are clever.
So, be prepared to hit a small target, often moving by the time you settle your rifle onto the sticks.
However, if you are a reasonably good shot, your chance of bagging a mature male is almost certain.
Eland do migrate to and from the highlands there but, not in huntable numbers.
Philip's hunting area for eland is known as "Elephant Camp" (its about 37,000 acres, all in one piece) and it's down in the Kalahari.
There, eland are plentiful.
Refer to my hunting report from Sept-2017, for details on eland hunting.

Velo Dog.
Thank you. What are the logistics / distances involved in hunting both areas on the one safari?

Hello BenKK,

The two hunting areas and lodges are only 200km apart. Two and a half hours drive.

Both lodges only 100km from the international airport. The elephant Lodge in the east and Heusis river Lodge to the west.

Greetings from Nam

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