ZIMBABWE: Bad Leopard Hunt West Nicholson Zimbabwe

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    I have pics of every cat I discuss in my report.
    Pics to follow when I get them downloaded.
    Just have to get this off my chest and move on.

    My leopard hunt report:
    Dates May 13 thru May 29th
    West Nicholson Zimbabwe.
    Cold Storage Commission, Jonsyl Ranch, Chemfouchway and Dubane ----
    Total area 200,000 acres.

    Area runs from Gwanda 20k north of West Nicholson to 15k south east of
    West Nicholson then south for 20k
    PH will remain unnamed.
    Species Hunted : Leopard and Hyena
    Species seen: 8 kudu, few dozen impala,1 warthog, 1 zebra, a dozen duiker, a
    dozen Klipspringer , 3 steenbok, 1 bushbuck and a few thousand head of
    cattle in 15 days and over 1,500 km of bush travel on bait line.
    Species taken: None

    I'd waited 8 years to go back to Africa and find a Leopard.
    My first choice was booked, no more tags but found this thru A R and Adam
    Clements Safari Trackers.
    This hunt was in the same area so I booked it.

    I have hunted LEMCO back in the 80's and
    knew I wanted to hunt leopard near
    West Nicholson. I thought I had found a good hunt. Big cattle country,
    large stocky cats.

    I wasn't interested in plains game so the few and far between horned game
    numbers were low and I didn't care. I knew this going in and I told the
    PH I would shoot no plains game on this hunt.

    I booked with a leopard PH that had been hunting with dogs in this area for 3
    years. I thought I was on the right track.
    Wrong. A hound hunter will always be a hound hunter.
    We will get to that later.

    We were met by PH at the airport. Seemed like a nice guy, very pleasant.
    He had a hunter come into the area a few weeks before and had hunted leopard for 5
    First thing, that was wrong.
    I was told I would be the first one in. They had baited for
    his cat and nothing hit in 5 days. After he left, a cat hit on one bait.
    PH pre baited with 8 cattle ï½¼'s to start my hunt. I had told him and we
    agreed to use
    cattle, not Impala for baits as the cats were used
    to beef for feed.

    We went to PH's house for the afternoon, met his wife, both very nice
    people. They live in a nice middle class area in Bulawayo.
    After talking for a bit and having a bite to eat we left for our 3
    hour drive to camp.
    All was well with the accommodations. Not the fanciest but decent
    and clean.

    The First morning we started checking baits. The first baits were over an
    hours drive from camp at the north end of the properties and had been out
    for 6 days. Nothing had hit any of the 4 baits in this area of about 15 sq
    miles except genets and honey badgers. My first thought was; ' What's going on ?,
    and, why continue with these unproductive baits?'

    We then drove another hour south to check baits in a area about the same
    size but closer to camp and clustered in about 15 sq km. The entire area consists
    of small rocky hills with dry river beds
    between them. This made perfect
    funnels for game and great travel routes for cats. The cats were using the
    river systems extensively for travel yet baits were hung in larger funnels
    that did not narrow as much as the areas I had seen the majority of the cat tracks in.

    The 4 southern baits had one hit, It was a pair, one smaller cat and
    one fair sized cat. I was told, could be male or female. One of the tracks was
    definitely female.
    So we set up a camera to get some pics.
    First I was told it was a female with her young.
    Then I was told it was a small tom.
    In yet a later discussion this cat became a female.
    Strange how they talked about this same cat for the first 2 days as a smaller male,
    then it became the female's young, after that it completely
    changed it's sex.

    Same routine next day. No hits on the baits. I was then asked to shoot an Impala ram
    for bait.
    I was told we would need it if we found another new site.
    Okay bang dead dropped it in it's tracks.
    So now we check the same baits with the same results. Only the one hit by the same
    pair. We continue to leave unproductive baits hang.
    At this point I am seriously wondering why we are not moving these baits to the more
    traveled paths of the cats in the area.
    I say nothing. I'm a good quiet client. After all, this is a 'Professional Hunter'
    he knows his job, right?

    The next day he chooses an area to hang yesterday's Impala, #1
    We also need to kill another cow. I'm all for it, I want to use the cattle for
    We get 4 new ï½¼'s. We finish the day with the last bait being hit by the same
    I'm asked if I want to hang a ï½¼ to keep these cats here.
    It's early in the hunt so I say heck yah. Do it. Nothing else is getting hit.

    Back to camp to sleep.

    Next morning back to the bait line. Nothing hits.
    A cat walked under the Impala and the PH gets excited.
    I'm not impressed, he came for the stink. The Impala wasn't skinned or gutted and
    after a day of rotting in the hot sun the odors permeated the air.
    The female walked right on by. Perfect scenario for a hound hunt. Just hit their
    track and follow it.

    Once again I am told, we need another Impala.
    I am thinking; 'Really ?
    We still have 3 ï½¼'s of the last cow in the truck and we need another Impala?
    Okay bang dead dropped in it's tracks.
    On to checking the same baits for another 14 hour day.
    Understand, there are 6 guys in the back of the truck. 1 scout from each
    of the 4 properties, his head scout and his tracker. then in the front of the truck
    is me, my wife
    and the
    PH. We all drive around int the same truck for 12 to 14 hours a day.
    There is a second Land Cruiser back at camp and one of his guys has a drivers
    license and drives all the time ??
    I'm thinking, why doesn't he split the bait line up and have a couple of the guys
    check one half while we check the other.
    We could be done in half the time so if we ever do actually sit out in a blind we
    won't be so dead tired.
    It seems to me this would be a more efficient way to operate but...
    I am a good client and say nothing.

    We find another place to hang the Impala, #2,
    and we move on to checking camera's and baits.
    Nothing, we head back to camp.
    I forgot to mention while we were out we took a leg bone, one bone with very little,
    if any meat on it and laid it
    out on a large hill that was quite barren to try and pull in some hyena.
    I shook my head at this but what do I know, I'm just a hunter from the
    states?I'd only been hunting longer than this PH is old.
    With 3 cow heads, all their guts and bones laying all over the skinning shed floor,
    we put out a month old, dry meatless bone?.?
    But I'm a good client and I say nothing?.

    We go back to camp, eat, and a few hours after dark we go out for hyena.
    It takes 1 ï½½ hours to get to the area. The PH and is guys drag along a home speaker
    system, 3 feet high and 18 by
    18 wide, ï½¼ mile up this hill and start calling.
    An hour later we leave. An hour and a half back to camp...
    But I'm a good client and say nothing.

    The next day we are still checking baits that are now 10 days old.
    We are only feeding the
    genets and badgers.
    We hang anther Impala, #3, and pick up a track of a tom on one of
    the cow baits. We hang a camera and hang one more ï½¼ in the new place.

    Back to camp and sleep.

    The next day we check baits and I am told another Impala is needed. Bang, dead in
    We still have 2 シ 壮 of a cow in the truck and now a new Impala
    We get good pics of a tom on one bait. 100lb virtually cleaned of meat.
    Okay this looks good. We hang another bait and build a blind. I'm excited BUT... I
    know this
    cat is going to come in late, he ate a lot of meat last night.
    We had him on camera for 8 hours off and on, One time for over an hour in
    the tree starting at 8:30.
    Okay, let's sit?8 guys take 2 hours to build a blind and make enough noise to
    anything within a mile of our presence?
    Okay, I want to sit in a blind finally.
    We set up the mic and the light and leave the area.
    When we come back to sit, the PH doesn't get us in until dark. It is so dark I
    cans't see the bait to get my gun set up.
    Oh well, I'm fine.
    We sit?
    AT 11:00 o'clock the PH tells me WE MUST LEAVE
    I say 'What?'
    He states 'We must leave because the cat knows we are here?'
    B.S. I say to myself.
    Out loud I say Lets stay longer he's going to come in later.
    PH looks mad but we stay. 30 minutes later he starts to get his stuff
    together and tells me lets go.
    Now I'm Pissed. But I'm a good client and we leave.

    We had no light and were falling and stumbling out of the area and making enough
    noise to be heard a mile away.
    I actually felt bad at one point when the PH fell so hard he nearly broke his
    shotgun when he fell on the rocks in the road.

    We came back the next morning and guess what? The cat came and ate. Not a lot but
    1/3 of the bait
    I said to myself, this aint going to work, he's fed enough in 2 days.
    100 lb of meat, he won't want be back. If anything, he'll walk right by tonight.
    I'm thinking..'Let's leave him tonight and sit tomorrow'?
    SOOO... the PH says, 'we sit tonight, all night.'
    Hyrax started screaming about 11:00pm. The tom walks by, never goes into the tree.
    When daybreak comes the PH decides the bait was the problem, not enough
    he gets a 2 days old Impala that has not been gutted and not skinned in 80
    degree heat..hmmmm
    Pulls it up the branch and the branch cracks under the weight.
    Here we go.
    We have a leopard on a bait eating beef.
    Now we throw an impala up and change the tree.
    Mind you now, in these 2 weeks not one cat anywhere has ever treed using impala
    for bait.
    The PH puts this rotten Impala full of flies right next to and around the ï½¼
    of beef that is still ï½½ there and has a nice skin on it and is just turing into
    jerky and holding up perfectly well.
    This cat doesn't want Impala. He has all the beef and calves he wants on this
    There are thousands around here but, I keep my mouth shut.

    I ask if we are going to sit tonight? I'm all in. What the hell, we aint got another
    bait active
    Well guess what? I'm told We have to let the cat get used to the bait and the new
    tree 5 feet away
    Right.... here we go.
    I expect the blind to stay

    Nope spent 2 hours dismantling the blind and loading the truck, I'm steaming by
    now but I still say nothing?

    We check other baits, nothing, hang 2 more and go back to camp.
    Now when I say nothing, it aint quite true. A lot of baits get walked by, two
    old hanging impala.
    Great for a hound hunter but we dons't have any hounds.
    Next morning we check the camera?Yep, the cat came in and fed. You can
    see by the pics he wants nothing to do with the impala and there it is, another chance
    The impala was bad meat and a bad idea. The cat never returned.

    We are now checking baits 2 weeks old and he still leaves then
    Move them to another spot to try to get some action or pull them down
    all together. Or at least use them for hyena bait??
    Nope, they stay. Even the ones with female tracks under them.
    I'm told 努e leave them to see if they bring in a male?

    We had made a deal at contract time to take my wife out of camp for 2-3
    days after 4 days to sightsee. It is now 7 days and I'm asking everyday to
    do this. Finally, when she is at her wits end and wants to go to Bulawayo and catch the
    next flight home?. he agrees to get my wife out, and I'm going with her. I'd had
    enough at this point. 12-14 baits up and no toms
    anywhere, so why not?only females and they are mostly walking past.
    He is excited but not me, He talks about how great hounds are and how this works
    great at getting fresh tracks.
    Cool, but we aint on no Dog Hunt?..Then
    before I leave 努e need more bait I buy another cow.

    He takes us back the 3 hours to Bulawayo. We stay the night and leave early the next
    morning to drive 4 and a half hours to
    Vic Falls. We get a 1 hour tour there and another hour to eat lunch at the Vic Falls
    then we drive 2 ï½½ hours back to a lodge for the night and leave at 7:00am to drive
    Bulawayo another 2 hours. PH picks me up and back to camp, 3 hours.

    Next day we need more bait.
    Impala?what a waste... bang dead on the spot.

    Another useless bait. The PH was suppose to have cattle lined up to use but
    he says it takes to much time to clear them and get them.
    Well he should have been better prepared and had them ready on the hoof to slaughter
    when we needed them.

    Aside from the fact he has 6 guys here, any one of them could take care of the
    clearing process.

    Okay, we have more baits to check and by now we have 4 impala hanging.
    The heat is bad, they are not lasting and the cats have a very easy time of catching
    Hell, they all have cowbells on. Even a blind cat could find something to eat out

    The 12 quarters of beef are holding up fine as a nice dry skin has formed
    on each one. Even the hit one is holding up.
    The Badgers and Genets are getting fat.
    We have more than 12 baits hanging to date.

    We finally quit feeding the so called 2 females at one site.
    And I refused to put out another at a site where a small female was eating.
    She ate a whole ï½¼ steer in 2 nights?lol

    Guys this story could be a lot longer , I'm only
    hitting on the finer points
    of this?

    Next day same routine, I'm so pissed I'm not even talking anymore. No
    pulling of baits and finding new places. Rotting impala doing no good
    anywhere, so he tells me 'we need more bait'?
    Okay... I knew from day 5 that my opinion was, in his mind worthless and I know he
    thinks I don't know a thing about hunting cats but I finally had to
    make a stand. I said NOPE, I aint doing it. In over 10 days you have not been able
    to show me that a cat will hit on these Impala.'

    I mentioned I wanted to buy a small calf that we had seen a few days ago. It
    had been attacked by a hyena and had a torn up
    leg. I had seen her for 3 days now limping and only getting worse. The settlers in
    the area don't do much for their injured livestock.
    When I looked at her in passing, I said to
    myself What do you think girl?
    Can you get me my leopard She just blinked back. I knew she wasn't going
    to make it and either the infection or the hyena's would come back and get

    SO... the truck went silent and the day went on and ended with no more words
    from me or the PH.

    We ran the bait line for a few more days. Nothing but females, genets and
    badgers. I did get him to move a piece of beef to a tree with a rotten
    impala, that night after the female had walked in the area for 2 days, she
    treed and ate the beef but would not touch the impala.

    Okay day 13. I had only heard from my wife once in 5 days. Now I'm
    getting worried.
    Unbeknownst to me she had been trying to get the PH's wife to
    drive her back to me after 3 days. It took a HARSH demand on her part to
    get back to me. She felt locked in Bulawayo and something was always
    coming up with the PH's wife to not drive her back into camp. She
    after 6 days.

    On day 14 we had had an impala hanging in a tree near camp. It had been there for 7
    days and

    it was putrid. Green and black ooze coming out of it and maggots everywhere.
    Arrangements had finally been okayed to get the little injured calf.
    We got her and she was small. Only ï½½ of her was good for bait, about 100lb.
    I nicely asked, as if I was walking on eggshells, if we could drop this rotten
    piece of crap Impala, because we had had 2 cats in the area and 1 under the
    bait for a few days but never going in the tree, and try beef?
    I dons't blame them for never going in the tree. I nearly puked when the Impala was
    dropped. A bag of green and black ooze was contained under the Impala skin.

    We set the bait and the PH says 'lets get that last Impala we shot about 4 km away
    and hang that also.'
    Okay it's pretty rotten but what the hell.
    We go to that bait and it had been hit by a small female, just the
    last 5 inches of the
    the ribs had been eaten. The only part of the impala
    that had dried enough to stop bacteria growth and be attractive to the
    female. Drove to and from then hung it with my calf ï½½
    We put the other half of the calf in another location.

    Back to camp.

    Okay, let's go Hyena hunting.
    We had dropped off some remnants of cows and the rotten old Impala baits,
    not mine but from the guy that hunted weeks before I arrived.
    That still pisses me off that he was there and I wasn't told till a week before I
    left for my hunt.
    Anyway, he loads up his speaker and we g. Then the speaker won't work?he
    doesn't know how to fix it. Someone else set it up for him, so we are in
    the bush on a cell phone trying to talk to the guy that built it.
    It never gets fixed. Reload and go back to camp. An hour later.. lets walk 1k
    or 2 towards the site and just sit on the bait?kay, 1 hour later we leave and go
    back to camp?
    That was the extent of my hyena hunting 2 hours in 15 days.

    Next morning day 15. This day will be the most memorable hunting experience of my

    We check baits starting way out from camp. We get to my fresh little brown
    eyed calf bait around noon. It's hit, hell it ain't hit, It's Gone. Both
    the Impala and my little brown eyed calf are ripped right out of the tree and are
    nowhere in sight. With 2 sets of tracks male and female. It's not a big tom
    but tom , maybe 120lb.
    We have them both in the tree on camera and he is about 1/3 larger than she
    is. We study the pics on a laptop, he is much bigger.
    Then I hear the PH say I think he's small? look his tail is very fluffy
    Well I say å…¸he tail is moving and blurred LOOK at the picture closer
    he then agrees.

    Okay, now the PH wants to hang a piece of shoulder that has been lying in the

    truck for 4 days. Overnight he would hang this piece of beef in a tree on
    a much traveled road at dark and remove it at daybreak so it would not get
    stolen by locals. This piece of beef was our mascot for 4 days
    Okay?'m thinking 2 cats lets get 2 baits up? think of my little brown
    eyed girl and what I said to her.
    æ·»our going to get me my cat aren't you??

    I asked the PH to please take me to the other ï½½ of the calf and pull whatever is left
    and put it here. It's the last night, my last chance, I say to myself.
    You would have thought I was pulling teeth trying to get him to retrieve this last
    piece of the calf from the other site.
    He did finally get the other piece. It had been hit and pretty much gone from yet
    another female.

    Yes females were everywhere probably outnumbering males 6 or 8 to 1.
    Dog hunting and Zim's (tom's only) law since 2004 has just destroyed the ratio of
    males to females.

    We built another blind, went and got what was left of the calf and went back to camp.
    The truck was taken to the skinning shed and they took out my calf.
    When we left for the blind I looked and asked where was it.
    I was told There isn't enough meat on it to matter
    I demanded they get it and PUT it in the tree.
    By now I'm at my limit and I'm pissed
    I guess I paid $12,000 to watch my PH hunt because I didn't matter nor
    were my wishes ever considered throughout this hunt.

    He got it but you could see he wasn't happy about it.
    We got to the tree and blind at 5:00 hung the bait next to the one already
    up and crawled into the blind?.

    Night fell and time passed. I dropped off to sleep once and then
    caught myself. The PH also dozed some. We had agreed if either of us started to
    snore we would elbow each other?

    I got elbowed a few hours into the night and awoke to the sound of crunching
    The Ph stated He's in the tree
    Give him a few minutes and I値l turn the light on and see if we have them both up
    I sighted my
    gun on a nice secure stand not having to touch it to view
    my lit red reticule crosshairs lined up 12 above the bait.

    The light came on and the leopard was lying on the limb just like one of
    my golden retrievers holding the bone of my little calf between it's front
    paws just gnawing away.
    He was eating my little calf. He stood up and got a better grip and I got
    a better look. I can clearly see his larger stature. A larger neck than a female.
    A neck larger than and thicker than his head. More body girth and depth and
    thicker in the leg than the female leopards.
    The PH says nothing. I say that's the male.
    He said, 'I cans't tell.'
    I say ' I'm sure', He states can't see if the female is on the
    tree okay, I pull the scope off the cat hoping to see the female in the
    dim light nearby?.I pick up movement below and behind the other cat that
    is eating. It's
    there, the second cat I say SHE'S THERE! Just below him.
    She can't get around him on the limb and I can she is the smaller of the two.
    He replies? I cans't see her
    I try to explain where she is and he
    doesn't see or cans't see?t this point I felt he didn't want to see her.

    Well just like this entire hunt has gone, my thoughts, opinions and experience
    don't mean crap.
    The PH's mentality is I dons't know anything.
    I'd mounted cats all my life, Male toms have a distinct stature vs. females.
    The neck structure, thickness, body proportions and head are very
    different. But who am I to say, I'm just a stupid U S hunter.

    I look at this tom thru my scope for 10 MINUTES waiting for the go ahead.
    As I did this I can tell you right now, you cannot break the trigger or
    bust the safety catch of a Winchester Model XTR .270. I pulled the trigger
    so hard the first time that I still have the bruise
    on my finger from a
    week ago. I held the pressure on that trigger for over 2 minutes till I
    had no strength left in me trying to break it or bust the safety and let
    it fire. The cat moved around giving me various shots , left broadside
    standing, right broadside standing, frontal, quartering away, lying down
    left and the PH still cans't see his nuts. HE keeps saying, it has a small
    head, Well hell yes it does, it's neck is larger than it's head.
    Typical male structure. But he cans't see what I see. The cat even shows me
    his ass. I'm pulling the trigger over and over in my head while the gun is on safety.
    I shoot this cat at least 10 times during this 10 minute period.
    The PH is looking thru one side of his binoculars like a telescope. I want to scream
    both lenses!!!!
    Then the cat hears something off to his left and becomes alert, I hear
    some cow bells and he's out of there.

    Okay, I'd had it, I'd been screwed
    twice now.
    I came to the realization that my hunt was a mere scouting and research project
    for the PH for a future client. My hunt is over and I'm going to bed?
    roll up my sweatshirt into a pillow and make my bed and go to sleep?.
    Hours later, I get a bump, PH states He's back into the tree Crunch
    crunch? Okay, a minute later, let's turn on the light maybe this will work?
    Okay light goes on, 2 seconds go by with this cat in my crosshairs,
    I see and state That's the smaller cat now up in the tree, little head
    it's much bigger than it's neck, look at it's girth, a third the size of
    it's length I say to myself, if he had said shoot I never would have. I
    never put my finger on the trigger for HER , 'it's a lot smaller than the
    first cat' I tell him.

    He states I cans't tell which one it is?
    I really dons't care to look at this female anymore.
    I scan the tree with my
    9x illuminated scope for the male.
    He's nowhere to be found in the tree.
    Before the PH even turns the light off, I'm back on my pillow, then a few
    seconds later she jumps the tree.

    Okay one more time a little later I get a bump.
    Dennis one's in the tree Okay I think what the heck maybe this time, I
    start to move to my gun, PH states I'm going to give them 30 minutes to
    see if I can get both in the tree together.

    Well at that point I just waited, 10 minutes later ruching stops and cat
    is gone decided then this was over.

    As I fell asleep, I thanked that little brown calf and her big brown eyes
    for getting me my leopard. Both leopards had been in that tree, both had
    only eaten the calf bait that I had insisted on hanging. The other bait
    went untouched. And the bait I hung had had only small pieces left on it.

    I had just completed a Green leopard hunt!

    came and we walked to the tree. Yep both had been on the tree by
    the tracks confirming that 2 cats where there. PH states çš„ dons't think
    the female climbed.
    BS She was the second cat in?
    As we walked down the road the line that will remain in my head for the
    rest of my life was stated by the PH.
    çš„ just dons't think that was the tom for you to shoot, he was small and
    only a ï½¾ tom. It just wasn't the cat for you.
    I never said a word?.But in my mind I was screaming, when did it become
    YOUR choice to decide if it was big enough to take? It was a legal cat and
    my license NOT YOURS !

    I held my composure and never said a word for hours?
    He offered me another hunt for ï½½ price in the future?
    I will not except that nor ever have to. There is no reason to. I got my
    leopard and with the help of the little brown calf that escaped a more
    tragic death by infection or being eaten alive by
    another hyena attack or
    a leopard.

    Unlike most hunters I have the opportunity to have the leopard that should
    have been taken in Zim this year.
    A local leopard in a rescue had died around Jan of this year I have it in
    my freezer tanned and ready to mount.
    It will be moved to the corner of my den in my home as a memory of
    this hunt. Some will say I was not successful but I know with the help
    from that little brown eyed calf, that I was.

    In Summation:
    Yes I got my leopard after a lot of disappointment.
    The PH had some issues, Lost his dog of 12 years on my hunt at home, and
    his mother had a mini stroke the day before I arrived, and his sister
    arrived from Australia whom he hadn't seen in 8 years.

    He should have brought in another PH that would have had his head in the
    game in my opinion.

    Is this area full of leopards? Yes, but females to male ratio is about 7 or8 to 1.
    I saw FRESH leopard signs everyday and on virtually every road.
    Most were females.
    Has dog hunting affected this area? Dramatically, and it shows. Dog hunting
    let's the PH target males much easier. He has dog hunted this area for
    over 3 years taking many many cats. But last year he had 3 dog hunts and was
    unsuccessful on every one.
    I ran into and heard of 2 other PH's that had dog hunts going in similar
    area's for 15 days and they both never cut a tom track for their clients
    so they never even ran any leopards.

    Would I hunt leopard again in this area?
    Tom numbers to low
    Would I hunt any area that has been dog hunted by what I have seen?
    Nope. It lowers the ratio of female to male

    Would I use a booking agent again?
    I have never booked a safari before thru an agent or company. 6 safari's
    before went perfect, this one didn't.

    Would I bait hunt leopard with this PH again?

    Would I dog hunt leopards with him?
    I suppose if I ever wanted to but have no need to. He is very much a hound hunter
    for leopards.

    Would I hunt elephant and buffalo?
    Yes that's his nitch and he needs to stay with those hunts.

    Was he nice and took care of us at camp and fulfilled our needs and made
    us as comfortable as possible? Yes.

    Traveling back home I put this all in perspective
    I have my leopard and a green hunt aint so bad for my wallet either?LOL

    No $4500 trophy fee
    No $1000 tip for PH
    No $300 dip and pack
    No $1000 shipping
    No $400 brokers fee
    Took extra money for a 2nd leopard I know I was dreaming but he had 6 on
    No $4500 for second leopard
    Took extra money for more game like hyena and civet and caracal after the
    leopard was in salt
    No $3000

    I prepaid 1200 for bait and spent another 1800 while I was their, $3,000
    bait bill in total so adding it all
    up. I came out of Africa with a
    leopard and $12,900 in my pocket. A nice deposit on my Marco Polo sheep
    hunt, that's next?
    My Bucket list of African game is all scratched off!
    BTW Adam,if you read this, you still owe me $15.00 for the wire transfer.
    When your office gal sent an invoice for the payment of the balance last Feb, she didn't notify me that you changed banks and my wire was returned. I sent it to your original bank that the 1/2 deposit was sent in Nov. I had to pay to send it again and have sent multiple emails asking for it.
    It's only $15.00 but it is the principle of it. If you can't I'll understand. I hear booking are down with your bookings about 50% and you've had to go back to putting your boots on the ground. It would buy me and the guys at work a couple pizza's for lunch someday, but if you need it more than me keep it.

  2. enysse

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    Jan 20, 2009
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    Northeast Wisconsin SCI chapter, Lifetime member of NRA,RMEF
    Namibia, South Africa (East Cape, Guateng and Limpopo)
    Thanks for the hunt report, it was interesting. Sorry about the Green Leopard hunt! The glassing part of the hunt for leopard, brought back bad memories from my last hunt. Everyone needs to know how to use binoculars, spotting scopes, etc.

    You can't call yourself a PH, if you can't glass animals...it's that simple.

  3. Wolverine67

    Wolverine67 AH Fanatic

    Feb 18, 2011
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    SCI, SHAC, RW Guild
    Norway, Sweden, Poland, South Africa
    Wow. You sure made an interesting report and excellent writing. To bad you got a blind ph..... But as you state, in some odd way you got an interesting hunt, even if many will call it a failiure. Your little calf did what she promised you and that tom are in many ways yours.

  4. Diamondhitch

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    May 2, 2011
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    Canada (AB, SK, NWT, BC) USA (NM, TX) South Africa (Limpopo, KZN, Free State, Eastern Cape, Northen Cape), Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic
    I hate hearing stories like that. Sorry for your misfortune but it is good to see you looking on th bright side, most would not. Congrats on your self guided Pseudo-trophy Leopard hunt.



    Aug 5, 2010
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    Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Canada, USA, Mexico
    Congratulations on your tenacity and insight into Leopard hunting, methods and its effect!

    If I ever book a Leopard hunt I'm calling you! Always good to ask "dumb hunters" what they think.

    Green Leopard Hunt, nice call.

    Good luck on that Pizza money!
    You have certainly provided enough information to figure out who the culprit is.

    When you get that cat mounted share those pictures. Very good result!


  6. The Artistry of Wildlife

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    United States
    Namibia, Zimbabwe,Botswana, Mozambique,South Africa, Canada, England, Kyrgyzstan
    The copy and paste did some funy things to my 's
    I'l fix it tonight, sorry for the hard read



    Aug 5, 2010
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    Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Canada, USA, Mexico
    I think we get the point Dennis.
    Jerome may have to help you edit after 30 minutes.

  8. James.Grage

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    Feb 8, 2010
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    USA - Canada -Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe
    So you were on the 200,000 acre ranch, Well i was by the ranch when you were there.

    Many cattle, very little game. And slim picking for grass...

    The rains missed the area this year, so it was dry and like you say very warm for the time of year.

    The thing is the 1,000,000 acre ranch next to it was in the same condition, little grass, slim picking on the plains game and DG. And cattle...

  9. AfricaHunting.com

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    Oct 1, 2007
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    Dennis, Thanks for sharing your hunt report with us. I edited your post to fix some of the issues for you.

  10. The Artistry of Wildlife

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    Aug 17, 2011
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    United States
    Namibia, Zimbabwe,Botswana, Mozambique,South Africa, Canada, England, Kyrgyzstan

    SO how did you do, or were you not hunting?
    Slim to no game,but that was okay with me, 1 zebra, 1 giraffe, a few Impala and about 6 Kudu, a few duker and klippy's and and some stiernbok three to be exact seen in 15 days
    Leopard females everywhere, seen at least 6 or more fresh tracks evereyday,
    I'd put the population of femala cats in that ground at 50 - 60 and males maybe 10
    By October everything and the cattle will be dead. Cattle were already showing signs of dehydration and the rivers were dry, holding nothing. The dam water will go fast this year, it aint going to last.
    This Ph had quya of 6 lasy year, found out he filled NONE and looks the same for this year.
    Leopard Hunting has gone to the DOGS Literally.....in that area.
    Won't be good for years and years,
    Only 1 of the females out of over a dozen or more that we treed our tracked or cut track of had a cub in tow....

  11. RogerHeintzman

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    SCI (Sioux Falls, SD) RMEF, NWTF, NRA, NTA, BCSC, SDTA, NDTA, P&Y,
    Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Canada (Ontario,British Columbia,Manitoba), USA (Colorado,Montana,Wyoming,Texas,South Dakota), Africa(Limpopo,NW Province, East Cape, Kwazulu Natal,) Namibia
    Dennis, I will be thinking of you when I hunt leopard in Namiba this Aug. A person should not have to endure what you did. Thanks for the story. If you hunt enough and use PH's, guides etc. you will have a bad experience and i have had mine too.

  12. spike.t

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    sci int, basc,wpaz
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    dennis you have a lot more patience than i have. there would definitely have been a sense of humour failure simply from the earache i would have got from my wife at being "kidnapped" for 6 days!:rant:, let alone the actual hunt.

  13. Nyati

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    Jan 15, 2011
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    Madrid, Spain
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    Spain, Finland, RSA ( KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, North West, Northern Cape, Free State ).
    That was a really bad experience, sorry to hear about it, and thanks for sharing.

    On the other hand, it finally turned out right for you, well, I think you deserve it.

  14. The Artistry of Wildlife

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    United States
    Namibia, Zimbabwe,Botswana, Mozambique,South Africa, Canada, England, Kyrgyzstan
    That's a whole different story....:D

  15. adgunner

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    Mar 3, 2012
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    Canada (AB,SK,ON,QC,NB,NS) USA (TX,ME) South Africa (5) Argentina
    Dennis, thanks for sharing your story, i applaud you for your ability to see the brightside, i will undoubtedly think of this the next time a hunt doesn't work perfectly for me!

  16. spike.t

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  17. KMG Hunting Safaris

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    PHASA ; SCI ; DSC ; Eastern Cape Game Management Association ; PE Pistol and Rifle Club
    South Africa, Namibia, New Zealand
    Very interesting read! Thank you for the report and sorry to hear about your experience. All the best for the future.

    Take care,

    Best Regards,
    Marius Goosen

  18. lwaters

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    May 20, 2011
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    Manhattan Kansas
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    Texas,Namibia,Kansas, Missouri, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, South Africa, New Zealand
    Wow, You are so kind. I think I will stick to plains game hunting. At least there is something to shoot. I hear more complaints from people hunting dangerous game. A friend from Africa told me if he were from another country looking to hunt in Africa he would pick Namibia, South Africa, and Botswaina in that order. When I see the price of dangerous game hunts it really makes it stand out how affordable the plains game really is. I think for me as an American the bear and mountain lions hunts are more affordable than the cat or buffaloe hunts in Africa.

  19. Hammer

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    May 31, 2012
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    South Africa
    WOW bad trip great story, thank you for sharing it, i think after the tenth night of stupidity from thr PH you might consider hanging the alleged PH from the tree, and eating the brown eyed calf. i actually learned allot from your story but also now im a bit nervouse about booking a leapord hunt as i am also a dumb US hunter but not quite as nice, my fears are that i may just forget the cat and just shoot the PH and wind up locked up abroad.

  20. James.Grage

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    Feb 8, 2010
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    USA - Canada -Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe

    1 Kudu
    2 Zebra - 1 for bait for leopard which they got a 150 pounder the week after i left.
    2 Giraffe - 1 had a snare on it leg and was i poor shape
    3 Impala - 2 For Leopard bait for a hunter that came in the week i was there, he shot and wounded a very nice leopard, hyenas got him.
    3 Blue Wildebeest - 2 cows for cull operation
    1 waterbuck
    1 warthog
    1 bushbuck

    We also saw leopard track daily almost over the entire ranch.


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