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  • RogerHeintzman
    Regarding your post on the Namibian Taxidermy Trophaendienste issue, what do you suggest we as outfitters in Namibia do to prevent this issue on hand?
    Any advise would be welcome.
    Roger, do you have a client that wants a Leopard maybe? I have been asked to do 2 Leopard hunts for a outfitter in the Caprivi strip in Namibia. True wilderness area and the hunt is in a national park. IT will not be cheap hunt, but a succesful one. If you can think of someone, let me know. Regards, Charl van Rooyen, Infinito Safaris.
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Jonathan Gurley wrote on IdahoMo's profile.
Hey Idaho. how many rounds is there thru the 458 win mag
MARTIN PIETERS SAFARIS wrote on Cajun Hunter's profile.
Morning my what’s app is +263778121842 martinpieterssafaris@gmail.com we can look at open dates
We will be at the Dallas show and the SCI show in 2023. Booth # to be updated soon.
geoff rath wrote on Von Gruff's profile.
G'day, Von Gruff; Could you give me an idea on your Bearded Chef Knife, as per your posted photos, delivered to Australia? I'd like to reward a good mate (excellent amateur chef) who has done me big favours in the past. Cheers, Geoff Rath
Tokoloshe Safaris wrote on TERMINATOR's profile.
I just received a forwarded e-mail from you, concerning our Web Site. We just finished a leopard hunt yesterday. While on the hunt my wife mentioned to me that she had finally had it with the person that was maintaining the site and that she was going to get someone else to maintain the site.

If the site is not active you can contact me thru the AH forum.

Cheers, Lon Denney
Tokoloshe Safaris,