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Feb 26, 2012
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I haven't been on the forum much this fall due to the amount of time I have been spending in the world of the whitetail deer.

My first hunt was an archery deer hunt in my home state of Wisconsin (USA) Two days and nine points later I was finished.
The next adventure was to South Dakota (USA) where I blew an easy shot at a world class buck after stalking him in his bed.
Then it was off to archery hunt Kansas (USA) where I managed to take a real old 10pt buck with 8" bases on his antlers.
The last hunt was a rifle hunt back home in Wisconsin, where I once again had some luck with a long beamed 8pt.

All my hunts were DIY which adds much satisfaction when things work out so well.



Very nice! A friend of mine who lives here in Phoenix but is from Wisconsin just killed a nice 8 pointer last week I think near Wausau.
Very nice! A friend of mine who lives here in Phoenix but is from Wisconsin just killed a nice 8 pointer last week I think near Wausau.

Thanks Phil. Wausau is only two hours from my front door. Some prime deer country. Congrats to your friend.
Congrats to ya... Those are all some fine whitetails...
Thus far just a junk 8point during second weekend of rifle season for me (I'll take it for Jerky), I have not seen but 16 deer over the last 2 months. Very different from the past two years.
There have been some fine Whitetails taken in MI, WI, MN, and IL,,,, just none around me :banghead:
If it was easy, everyone would do it, right...
Again, congrats on your fantastic animals.
WOW, some nice whitetails Stretch!!!!
Congrats Stretch.
Only 47 more states to go...
Congrats on some very nice deer! Always a good feeling when the deer gods smile down upon you and grant you such success! :) I was wondering what part of South Dakota you hunted? Not so you would reveal your secret spot, of course, but I was just curious as I have been working in southcentral SD this year and wow! was there ever a pronounced, active, and intense rut going on there this fall. I saw some real dandy bucks chasing and tending does. Gotta hunt there someday. For now I am chasing a gorgeous buck here on my own place in ND. Currently he is about as nocturnal as a vampire, though! HA!
Good deer Stretch! Congrats!
Whitetails are a blast. It sure is challenging matching wits with whatever critter one pursues.
35bore - Congrats on your buck. No such thing as "junk" deer, they are all fun to hunt.
NDwildlifeblo - I hunted near Winner SD. Good area. Some big deer south central. Hope you get a crack at the buck your after. Best luck I have had with those nocturnal whitetails is hunting tight into the bedding areas on windy days. The wind neutralizes two of their primary senses allowing one to egress and regress without being busted. Heavy winds seldom swirl, even in creek bottoms or uneven terrain.
Brick - 47 more states... good idea. Now that is a goal I can get into.

Thanks to everyone for their kind accolades.
Great deer for sure!

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