We drink Pendleton Whisky at my house. Good Canadian that does the trick. Nice and smooth.

This year they came out with a limited run 20 yr old. Can’t wait to try it.
I've just been introduced to whiskey and started on Pendleton. I really enjoy it and the 1910 Rye.
But I just attended a night of Irish music and singing for a group my wife's friend plays for and they passed out Irish whiskey at the door. I was never able to see the bottle or get a name, but it was wonderful stuff. Still trying to get a label.
Anyone else a fan of Japanese whiskies? A great intro into Jap whisky is Akashi. It tastes like an ultra smooth scotch at half the cost.
Tried a Japanese whisky a couple of years ago; beautiful, just beautiful; smooth as silk. First one was on the rocks, the second was straight. Cannot remember its name, dammit!!! I'll have to do some research . . .
Winston Churchill (as he usually did) had the best comment on spirits. Asked about his love of whisky, he replied - "I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.” I wholeheartedly concur.
I don't always drink a single malt, but when I do it is usually Talisker or Macallan - 18 in either. I do not care particularly for the heavy peat taste. Also sure to frustrate my British cousins, but I prefer it over a couple of cubes of ice.
I don't think you'll offend any Scotts drinking it on the rocks. When I was there, they all said scotch is to be drank any way you prefer. Just as long as you drink it. They thought we "yanks" had too many rules on drinking.
I really never liked scotch and prefer Crown Reserve, Makers Mark, or Jim Bean Black but after many trips to Africa where I just go with what’s available I developed a taste for scotch. Now I don’t drink much anymore but agree that after a special day of hunting a good belt is in order!
Not much of a drinker, just a beer guy. But there is something to be said about having a bottle of something in front me...........

I like smoky peaty flavours of the Isley whisky,s and there is a blend of them called The Black Bottle in my opinion the best kept secret from Scotland. It's my birthday on Saturday and I will be settling down with a dram that night.
Anyone else a fan of Japanese whiskies? A great intro into Jap whisky is Akashi. It tastes like an ultra smooth scotch at half the cost.
Toki is pretty good, too.

Great topic, thanks for posting it.

In regards to Satan's Firewater, I am with you and a couple of others here in that, Oban 14 year is my preference.

It is bonnie smooth "on the rocks" (any proper Alaskan does enjoy an icy cocktail now and again).

Likewise Oban, when taken "neat", is also quite acceptable with me.

Personally, I do not often drink distilled spirits, definitely preferring various beers, (especially micro-brews / craft-brews, such as IPAs, stouts, and so-forth).

After assorted beers, nothing goes as well with red meat, (especially game meat) as does a smooth dark red wine, such as from the Malbec and / or Cabernet grape.

But this Thread is specifically about Whisky and so at this point, I shall uncharacteristically stifle myself.

Velo Dog.
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nothing goes as well with red meat, (especially game meat) as does a smooth dark red wine, such as from the Malbec and / or Cabernet grape.

I’m a Cabernet guy myself, especially ones from Coonawarra, can’t beat it with meaty dinner...
Shiraz guy here .. Especially Barossa valley ..
As far as opposite views are concerned one could do worse than that. They make some very good Cabernet Shiraz blends in this region too.
Call me what you will, but I have never gotten a taste for beers outside of stouts. Guinness is about the only beer I will drink. My champagne of choice is Veuve Clicquot.

Back on topic, I really like Templeton Rye. And while I am by no means a bourbon drinker, Knob Creek is always a solid choice.
Nice to hear appreciative remarks about Aussie wines fellas. Though not a big drinker myself, I have my favourites in whiskey, whisky (note the subtle difference!), wines and beers. But after deep thought, my deciding factor on the subject comes down to this: as long as the company is grand, I'll drink just about any damn thing!!

:D Cheers:
Aussie wines...
I like Macallan..... However, I really enjoy Balvenie. It's pretty interesting how such a relatively small area (Scotland), can so many (5-6) different regions of the scotch product. Each with fairly unique differences that separate them from one another. I'm a Speyside fan personally. Love to visit, drink scotch, play golf, maybe hunt & fish too!

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