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With a drop of Scottish blood running through my veins, I treat myself to a bottle of single malt every Christmas. This year's choice is Oban 14 year old, and I plan to have my first dram in front of the fire tonight, after a trip out to try for a roe. I'd be interested to hear what other AH members who enjoy a glass of whisky will be sampling over the festive season; slainte!
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I have recently been introduced to Writers Tears (Irish whiskey) and Caribou (Quebec). Not classic single malts from the Orkneys but lovely in their own right.
You’ll enjoy the Oban.
Somehow a bottle of Bushmills 21 migrated to the front of the cabinet the other day after feeling ignored. That will be remedied.
I use to drink nothing but single malts neat with a water back. As I have gotten older (lucky me to have made it this far!) I get heartburn from scotch. Bummer because I did enjoy it so! Now I prefer two glasses of a red blend wine nightly.
I mostly preferred the less smoky highland single malts except when I had a good heavy grilled fillet of elk, or venison, or antelope, or bear rump, or even (heaven forbid!) beef!
My tastes are admittedly unsophisticated. I just prefer a nice Canadian Blend. A bit of Crown Royal for me.

Then my tastes are REALLY unsophisticated.......to the point of being "trailer trash"! I like Jim Beam "Red Stag".
Paddy Irish whiskey or maybe a glass of Bain's Cape Mountain I found. Not too shabby.
Then my tastes are REALLY unsophisticated.......to the point of being "trailer trash"! I like Jim Beam "Red Stag".

Oh boy....I must really live in the gutter! I don't like the taste of spirits or wine :oops: I'm just a beer drinking Canadian Hoser! :D Beers:
A glass of Dewars - it was the drink of choice for my wife's grandfather who has since passed away. Kind of a Christmas tradition now.

Otherwise a nice 2 finger pour of Oban sounds pretty tasty, a good choice!
Oh boy....I must really live in the gutter! I don't like the taste of spirits or wine :oops: I'm just a beer drinking Canadian Hoser! :D Beers:
I’m right their with you except I do like wine. I’ve tried to like whiskey, scotch, and bourbon but despite my best efforts I can do it. :Yuck: I do however love rum.
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If you guys like rum, try to find a bottle of Rhum Barbancourt (15 year) when you can. It used to be almost impossible to find in the US (and I am assuming Canada), but they have been exporting more of it and have a little better distribution chain now than they used to.

Its a relatively inexpensive Haitian rum. I used to buy the 4yr stuff for less than $5 for a 750ml bottle in Port Au Prince and the 15yr stuff used to go for about $12.. Its about double that here in the states though..

Barbancourt is like drinking a rainbow stirred with a unicorn horn... magical! :D
Awhile back I came across an internet ad for high end booze. They had bottles of 20+ year old Scotch for $1200. Yikes.!

I can't afford that expensive stuff, but it's nice to enjoy a good Scotch, and a fine Cigar on occasion
My whiskey tastes arent too terribly high end.. and I tend to change up what I keep in the house quite a bit..

Lately I've been sipping on Angels Envy bourbon, Tullamore Dew Irish, and a couple of times a year I'll take a couple of sips of Macallan 12 when I have a taste for Scotch.
While I've always preferred a good single malt, I was introduced to Dewer's 18 at a scotch tasting at my local liquor store a few years ago and got hooked on it.

As a matter of fact, I cracked open a fresh bottle last night to help me through the holidays.....I don't think one will be enough though! :whistle::)
I am a rum guy. I like Myers Dark but when I went to SA I tried Red Heart Rum and really like it. You cannot buy it here in the USA. I brought one bottle back in 1013 but in 2017 I brought back 5. I save it for special times.............like Xmas and new years.
One day I will open a bottle of Corn Liquor I bought while in college because I liked the jug it came in. It is 42 years old now.
I enjoy any good scotch. Actually, in the cabinet I have a 12 years Chivas Regal and a 15 years Cardhu.

Rums are welcome too, a Pampero Aniversario and a 7 years Flor de Caña from Nicaragua, which I highly recommend.

Wines, yes, of course, red or white, as long as they´re good ;), and I have never refused a cold beer.

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