WANTED: Couples Hunting Safari for 2017

Welcome, should you wish to hunt in Namibia let us know, we are situated close to Etosha National Park and also can go visit the Cheetah farm close by or visit the traditional Himba village. Send us an email.
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Welcome sir. Enjoy the planning.
I apologize for the long wait to finally announce this. After a ton of time, planning, talking with folks, juggling dates and this that and the other thing, we finally made a decision. My wife and I are booked with Jono McHugh at Kingsview Safaris for late August 2017. It sounds like my father in law and his party will be booking with Symbol Safaris. I got a ton of help on here, and spoke with a number of really excellent outfitters. I can say I commend them, particularly would like to give a shout out to Jono (obviously I am very impressed with him and his operation and attention to detail), Marius Goosen and Victor Watson. Also my thanks to the other members who helped me here. I have been juggling other details with time to spare, including taxidermist references, whether to bring or rent rifles, and so on and so forth. It is super exciting to finally be planning a trip I have been dreaming of since I was a kid.
Congrats on booking your hunt, sorry I didn't see your post in time to get our name in the hat. I'm here in the States and represent Settlers Safaris. They are located in the Eastern Cape and have the species that you are after, plus a lot more. Check out the web site at Settlers, and/or send me a PM or email legleason49@hotmail.com if I can be of any assistance or questions. Some things are generic as to what to expect (during the planning stage and during the trip) no matter who you are going with so If you have any questions let me know.
If you are going to overnight in Jo'burg, I would recommend Afton Guest house. Not fancy but clean and secure. They will meet you inside the airport and take you to your check in when you depart, thus not having to put up with the rif-raf at the airport (those who have been there understand this comment).
Many great places in the cape but when you hit it off with the someone like you said you did with jono it makes this the right pick. Plus the package deal you got is a great offer.

I enjoyed the chats we had but now cant wait to hear all about this hunt. You have any more questions that I can help with just send me an email. You and the wife will have a great time in the cape. Make sure you get to see addo ele park for at least one day it is worth it. Good luck with the rest of the planning.
Thanks Bill! He has a day at the park on the list. I have a fairly ambitious list of trophies to target, but I recognize the fact. I hear addo is a sight to behold. I will have to really write up a serious hunt report when I get back. I love reading the ones on here. Some folks on the site got the gift to tell a tale.
@Bsto270 …My wife and I came to the same decision on outfitters for our first Safari. We are scheduled to be with Jono @ Kingsview in April 2016. Should be a great adventure!
And this is why we will be heading to Addo Elephant National Park @MPN and @Bsto270 !!
(not my photo)

Addo lion kudu.jpg
@Bsto270 ...My wife does not hunt, but very much wants a Zebra rug. This is where I think we will start! I am targeting Kudu, Oryx, Blue wildebeest, Red Hart., Bushbuck and Impala. Then of course if the mood is right, and that lovely waterbuck steps out…well who knows…..
How about you?
Little adrenaline bump for that Kudu…great photo! Very much looking forward to it!!
My wife hunts, and she really wants to take a Kudu and Warthog, with Impala and Springbok being secondary. For myself, well my list is ambitious and I recognize that, but I would really like to take bushpig, bushbuck, mtn. reedbuck, caracal, Fallow deer and either blesbok or duiker depending. I plan to take what Africa gives me on that list (the nice thing is the bushpig is a night hunt, which I am excited to try). For Caracal I am open to whatever method Jono suggests.
@Bsto270 …nice mix you have there. The pig hunt @ night is on my short list for the next trip should be great fun! …haven't gone once yet and already working on the second trip, sure sign of sickness I guess….
Its funny @MPN I did a thermal hunt for feral hog in GA a few years back, and instantly loved hunting at night. However I didn't bring back any real trophies from that one (although the meat from the sow hogs I brought home was more than reward enough along with the memories). This experience will be different, but I think it will be even wilder. The wildlife one sees at night is really something. Plus that hunt doesn't dig into daylight to hunt other species.
You guys will have a blast! Can't wait to see your reports
wait till you've done three night on the pigs ,and jono wants you to climb a mountain to glass your MRB ...... ha h ah ah a
Ha, I hear ya there Bluey, I feel like I may be a glutton for punishment on that one. We may be trying for caracal at night as well so it could be a week of some late nights and hard days. But I knew that going in as soon as I told Jono I was interested in both species. On the plus side, when I am down there I will get to celebrate a birthday in Africa, which ought to be one for the books.
a birthday in Africa will be another late night ,bro
You know Bluey, I have a feeling you are right on that one. But it will be one to remember I think.

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