WANTED: Couples Hunting Safari for 2017

Welcome Bsto270!
Welcome! You are at the right place to find your dream hunt. Good luck!
Welcome to AH bsto270.
This is a great platform to start planning your African hunting safari. You are welcome to contact me for a quote. I will gladly provide you with any information that can help you plan your trip.

Best Regards.
Morning Bsto270. I have just seen your post. Would it be possible to send me some more information about the hunt you and your wife are looking for please? We are happy to assist you in all aspects and I will forward you some information from couples we have hunted with in the past.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best
There are many terrific outfitters on this forum. We hunted with Huntershill Safaris this summer with our whole family and had a blast. Private message me and I'll try to give you some advice.
my wife and i hunted with Ernest 3 different times and you wont go wrong with him.success each and every time.
You will have to report back and let us all know who/what/when/where you will be hunting. That's exciting news we all look forward to hearing.
Dear Bsto 270:

Ed here from EAI Outdoors. One of our former clients has informed me that you had tried to contact us about a week ago via phone and were unable to get through. I was in India at that time a and to say the least their phone systems leave something to be desired. For some reason many voice mails just drifted off into cyber space as people were leaving them and we never received any notice. Back in the office now. Please feel free to call me any time.
Once again sorry for the inconvenience. India is always a bit of a challenge!

hi there Bsto270
if you havent made up your mind yet, send me a message and i will get back to you
i am sure one of our packages, which you could share with a reasonable day rate for your wife, and our price list for other species will make you happy
Good Morning,

I have narrowed the field down, but am always open to suggestions. What region do you operate in? I will email you the wishlist for my wife and I, along with one for my father in law, who would be hunting with a friend of his, and bringing his wife as well. Thanks.
sorry forgot toadd
if kudu is the main trophy then tallyho is the place, believe me
average 53" in 2014 and over 54" for 2015, this is average for between 15 to 20 bulls harvested each year
i am in limpopo province south africa, nearest town Alldays
operate on 54ooha
send me email with all requirements for all members, then we can chat further
Hello Bsto270 and welcome to AH ,
Have you considered hunting Australia ? lots of sight seeing and hunting opportunities and an abundance of wildlife .
You could do a Deer hunt in the South or go up North on the Buffalo even better do both !
Take a look at a post here on AH , in Hunting Aust & NZ , Herve & Marie in NT and see what they got up to on there trip ( there is a you tube clip as well ).
Where ever you choose to hunt you will have a great time .
Cheers DB
Good afternoon Darryl I had not considered it. My wife would love to see Australia. Any idea on an outfitter one could recommend?
I am hoping at some point soon to post who we decide to go with and where. It has been just this side of overwhelming the number of outfitters who have reached out to my wife and I. Been doing a lot of research, reference checks, etc. Thank you to everyone who has been helping me out.
I will say Darryl I think this one will be Africa, but I would never turn down the idea of Australia further down the line.
To Easy Bsto270 , Time goes quick so keep us in mind and good luck you will have a blast who ever you decide to hunt with you have some great offers hear on AH.
Cheers DB
I would strongly recommend Eitaalo. They are a husband and wife team that know how to cater to couples who hunt. They run an extremely nice lodge with gourmet food. These are people you can trust.

PS: the Kudu you see in my avatar was taken by me with Eitaalo as the host/guide.
Good Morning,

My wife and I are looking into going on a couples safari in 2017. She is not the type that needs total pampering, just a shower and a bed. She wants to hunt, particularly for a Kudu (and possibly a warthog), along with other trophies as available. I am most interested in either a bushbuck or a gemsbok and a mountain reedbuck. I am looking for either a package that could have something added on (I have no issues splitting a trophy package with her) or a reasonable daily rate for 2x1. Most interested in South Africa or Namibia, but am open to other countries. Any suggestions or offers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks (and super excited to work my way to a destination I have been dreaming of since I was a kid).

Looking for something like this for your wife:

And this for yourself:

Or this:

If yes, then please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,



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