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Aug 6, 2022
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Can anyone recommend a distributor in the US for Tusker lager? I found it years ago, and keep an eye out for it from time to time, and have had little luck running into another flat of the stuff. If anyone has a line on some, it's starting to get hot outside.
It's a Diageo product. IF it's available in the USA, I would think a high volume store would be able to obtain it.
I think I saw it once at Bevmo! in SoCal, but that was about 7 years ago, so I'm not sure...
A little gas station, not even on the main drag, where I used to live in southeast Tennessee happend to have an entire flat of the stuff one day. I tried a couple then promptly went back for the rest of the flat. It's one of the better hot weather beers I've had.

Since then, and that was closer to 20 years go than 10, I've asked owners to check with distributors everywhere from Indiana to West Texas, and lots of places in between. Snake eyes.

Edit: Just checked with the Total Wine website, and they don't even list it in asesrch. Might be available to order in person, but online is not showing anything.
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I was mildly bummed when I was in SA that it wasnt available where we were (wanting to drink in the tracks of Hemingway, Ruark, etc). I happily settled for the African Black Label, which was a fine beer, and Gin and Tonics.

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Is this still available? I have been travelling and just caught back up so not sure if this has sold yet or not! Thanks in advance