Scrub bull hunt

I’ve used basically all of Woodleigh‘s offerings on big bovines, and they’re all good. Each one of them is “the best” on certain angles and / or body locations. For side-on (or nearly side-on) it’s hard to beat their various softs (although in .375 I would stick to their heavy duty soft - but their standard soft would be better for pigs). Hydros are good for tough angles and / or thick cover. They drill straight through, but it’s a smaller hole without the impact of the soft. It’s almost impossible to predict the best bullet for the day ahead, but you just take your pick and make it work - which is what you did.
Ben I was mentioning to Ray that we shot some very large bodied Buffalo's with Woodleigh Protective Point Softs, and that they were brutal with shoulder shots, I thinks if he used the Woodleigh SP's he would have got a similar out come.
Pro tip on barramundi: if a salty takes an interest in your fish, it's better to let him have it. ;)
It’s good to see an Aussie story here.
I’m hoping to take an Aussie bovine someday with a .375 and Woodleigh.
Somehow I got side tracked and booked a trip to Africa, counting down.

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Are theses new in box? Not reloads? Thanks , Neil
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I recently had operation for Agent Orange caused throat cancer and cannot talk so phone calls are out. I am interested, maybe more so after seeing the pics. No decision today, it's radiology and chemo day and sometimes that leaves me a bit worn down. I did notice the used rifle had only one reenforcing bolt in contrast to the NIB.
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I'm interested. Maybe more so in the used as I want to have some work done on one and restocked. Would it be too much trouble to send some pics of both. Btw, [redacted].
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Do you still have that CZ?