Rifle case for Africa

I did something similar with my Americase. Had an aluminium plate engraved with my name, address and cell phone number, glued and riveted to the case.

Same for my pelican ammo case.

I just wish I had put my email address on the plaque as well.
I too have my information engraved on a plate and attached to my aluminum case. I also keep a small flashlight and magnifying glass in gun case. In bad light custom agents can more readily read serial numbers. It speeds things up and psychologically tells custom agents I have nothing to hide. Light is poor some places, not all airports are swanky like Jo’Burg
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I once did 3 days in Florida out of only that backpack. Don't tell me I can't pack light. ; )
We didn’t say you can’t pack light. After all anything is possible. We said you didn’t pack light.
To compare apples to apples here are the specs for my case. I only take one rifle so the case is for that purpose. All my rifles are standard bolt actions. I take the barreled action out of the stock and treat like a take down for transport in the hard case.

Older Pelican 1700.
It has wheels, two lock holes and four protected snap over latches
It has a handle on end opposite the wheels .
It has a handle in the middle for carrying like a brief case
It weighs 16 lbs with alum cleaning rod and small action wrench and cleaning kit
The outside dimensions are: 38"x18"x6"
Total weight with 11 lb 450 W. DG rifle is 27 lbs

Easy to carry in one hand or can be wheeled or easily strapped to larger wheeled duffle.
All around a very handy and tough case that has made many trips without issue.

Pelican 1700- 2  2.JPG

pelican 1700- 1-1.png
Even MORE important than the brand of lock or design of gun case is the hidden item you'll need to put inside it ... an AirTag! You will always know where that gun is (except when you or it is in the air). One hitch: AirTag requires an Apple product to track it. I am an Android guy but still made it work. My daughter back here in Canada has iPhone and iPad. She could track my gun and text me satellite images of exactly where it was ... except in the air. AirTag uses nearby Apple products and cell towers to triangulate the tag's location. In the air everyone's phone is turned off.
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Why go to all that trouble with a AirTag if your an Android user. Just get a Tile tracker.
Why go to all that trouble with a AirTag if your an Android user. Just get a Tile tracker.
A couple of the guys at trap club who have a diamond grading/polishing business do a lot of traveling. They used Tile trackers in their business and did NOT recommend them. I've never heard anyone complain about AirTag. Using my daughter as an intermediary was a bit awkward but it actually worked surprisingly well. There was one brief glitch when the case appeared to be at the transit bus sheds in front of Pearson Airport but then rechecked and it was back in the baggage terminal. It obviously never left there. Supposed to be an app that makes Android compatible with AirTag but from what I could find on the net, it didn't work.
Here's what I fly with. Bought it at Cabelas about 20 years ago, I don't see them in their online catalog anymore. I use this case whenever I travel with my rifle.

A TSA agent told me a couple weeks ago as I was checking my rifle in this case that some of the cheaper plastic cases he has seen can be broken into with two screwdrivers and they prefer something more solid. He didn't say metal or plastic, just not a cheap case.

This has the rod that goes through 4 loops and folds down to place an ordinary padlock. Only one lock required, I keep a spare inside that uses the same key. I used non-TSA locks and they worked fine.

On another note, I carried ammunition in a small plastic ammo box manufactured by Plano. I did use a TSA combination lock on this box, with a spare lock inside. When I checked my bag with this container inside I disclosed it had ammunition in a locked container. The only question was if the ammunition was in the original factory box. I said "yes" and they tossed the bag on the conveyer to load on the plane.

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I have this same case. Bought it around ‘91. It doesn’t have the Cabelas name on it. Never left me down. Switched over to Pelican about six years ago. Not really sure if the Pelican is any better but I do like the wheels on it!
Just picked this up. NOS KK Air International. The GOAT!

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I have this same case. Bought it around ‘91. It doesn’t have the Cabelas name on it. Never left me down. Switched over to Pelican about six years ago. Not really sure if the Pelican is any better but I do like the wheels on it!
Kalispel Gun Case made those for Cabelas. They are still in business. Two-gun case with wheels @ $395. Not bad.


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