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  • I am also planning to clear my own shipment of complete trophys. When I spoke with cbp, they said basically the carrier (Turkish air) would contact me after usfws and cbp check it out, then I pick it up. I'm also using safari cargo. Could you send me that pdf of the process you used?
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    How did clearing your trophies go. Leave Tuesday for my first plains game hunt in northwest. Still have a lot of questions on how to get my trophies home.
    Thanks for your time
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Dale a tu casa la limpieza profunda que necesita sin la molestia de hacerlo tú mismo. Nosotros nos encargamos de todo para que usted pueda disfrutar de su descanso. Servicio en Santiago y alrededores.
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Doc attached.
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Yes, I am interested in some A Frames to load, if they are the 300 grain or other that will work for Cape Buff. I need enough to work up a load and sight in, then carry over there
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Wow, great response regarding the title of a thread and an amazing site.
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I am interested in hearing about your wild lion hunts.