on a lighter note...

A brief history of the evolution of surgery. Sounds like surgeons were moonlighting a blacksmiths to make their own tools. No wonder some surgical implements look like torture devices.

Even Australian hospitals use the Otis Elevator so I'm concerned about the intelligence of medical staff , including the surgeon sending nurses on a wild goose chase.
Very much so and more recently than you would expect. You can gas sterilize pretty much anything so we occasionally use hardware store items. My favorite is a soup spoon from the cafeteria used to retrieve bladder tumor chips from the drainage bag. I have a partner who made a suprapubic catheter guide in his garage by taking a standard stainless dilator and bending it into a semicircle on a vice in his shop, then drilling a hole through the end for suture.

In terms of intelligence, as much as we would love to believe otherwise, the hospital is just a much a cross section of the population as anywhere else. I once had a trained RN refuse to cut a suture to 8 inches because the sterile or ruler "only goes to 6 inches"
The camgina is the tight fitting fluid warmer that the DaVinci robotic camera lense slides into to keep it at body temperature when out of the abdomen so it won't fog on reentry.
Ever notice that a lot of orthopedic surgeons are woodworkers?

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