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Sep 18, 2010
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I've hunted Mexico a few times over the year but I had a great hunt last year. I was concentrating on sheep but had my eye open for Mulies too. Spotted an awesome ram on day 2 bedded down on the very top of the mountain but there was no way to get a shot closer then 900yds. Even if I could shoot that far there would be no way to get to him. Day 3 and 4 spotted the same ram but he would leave the safety of the high cliffs. Day 5 spotted another shooter ram after stocking half the day was able to get with in shooting range. With my sheep down still had 2 days left to concentrate on mule deer. The rut was just about to start so we weren't seeing the number of deer I was hoping but we were seeing deer. The rancher had been seeing a big non-typical hanging around one of the several protein feeder located throughout the ranch but being a low fence ranch and the rut kicking in there was no telling where he might be. We spotted a big framed deer running through the brush in the general area but we couldn't tell if it was the big guy we were looking for. We decided to stop for lunch and give that area another round. Just before dark we spotted a big non-typical standing in the brush. It wasn't the deer he had seen earlier but he was at least a 200" plus. With my hunting days running out and I decided to give it a shot. My shot was true and the buck was down. The first thing I noticed when I walked up on the buck was the incredible mass. What a awesome week in Mexico.
Wow!! Great trophies!
Holy crap!
How the hell do you top that!

Hard to know what to say. That ram is incredible. Good length and the mass goes way around. A fantastic trophy to say the least. Then the deer. Anyone who passes up a 200 inch plus buck is absolutely nuts. 2 absolutely top tier trophies. Congrats!
Excellent animals! Sonora?
Yes sir you had a great week!
Awesome hunt with fabulous trophies. Congratulations.
What a great week! Those are amazing animals! I understand why you didn't hold out for the "big" mule deer, that one you got in absolutely incredible!

I'm speechless on the ram, that is my dream animal!
Wow, that's a heck of trip for sure!!
Yes ! Hunted with a few different ones over the years , this outfit is top notch.

WOW! Awesome animals!

Outfitter's name? Website? Details?
Looks like a lot nicer weather than on your Muskox hunt!!! Fantastic deer...ram as well. Congrats!
Travel through Hermosillo? Safety issues?
Absolutely AWESOME!
Travel through Hermosillo? Safety issues?

Yes , from Phoenix . I've never had any safety issue there or even had that feeling of uncertainty like some other countries I've hunted. Clearing your rifle is piece of cake, can take about an hour depending on time of year of travel just because of the number of hunters. They did pass a new airline rule year before last. You must fly first class to take 2 pieces of luggage period. No extra baggage fee will get your 2 bag on unless you fly 1st class. So book early because there is only about 12. -15 1st class available. Last year the outfitter was talking about doing a private charter from Phoenix for his hunters. The cost would be divided among the group. Just so people didn't have to deal with the mass of people showing up at one time. Not sure what he has come up with. I with was able to bring trophies back home with me. (Big plus in my book).
Was that a phone scope or what brand on your spotter? BTW beautiful trophy’s! Congratulations!
Was that a phone scope or what brand on your spotter? BTW beautiful trophy’s! Congratulations!

It’s the Swarvoski PA-I-6 adaptor for iPhone . I think they have a seven out now . The 6 works works great. I think they have a 7 now . Have a buddy that works for Swarvoski, he said they can’t keep up as fast as the new phone come out. I just had an old iPhone 6 at the time I bought it for my Swarovski spotting scope.

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