Load testing the 9.3 x 64

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Aug 10, 2018
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here are some loads i developed for my 9.3 x 64.
i have noticed that spec chambers have a very low angle of leade/throat, lower than the 1.5 degrees common today.
if your rifle has a steeper angle here, beware of these loads.
as with all personal data, please be aware that this is my rifle, with my powder lot etc etc, and do not take them as gospel in any other rifle ot component lots.
rifle is a mk10 mauser with a lothar walther chrome moly barrel about but not exactly 26" .
this barrel copper fouls badly, but shoots honest 1" or better groups with loads it likes.
all primers are fed 215.
270 gn speer ar2209 77gn 2683 fps
78gn 2717 fps
79gn 2734 fps extreme max

re 15 66gn 2542 fps high pressure not recommended
this powder is reputed to be a little temp sensative.
bullet too soft for all but small game at these speeds.

286 nosler partition ar2209 76 gn 2650 fps
this bullet looked good on paper, but has failed twice. even though its b.c. looks good, what might happen at the other end is too risky.
maybe better in the x62.

286 barnes ar2209 69gn 2423 fps
71gn 2474 fps
73gn 2557fps
long bullet requires a lot of powder compression.
look at the 250 gn for certain applications.

293 tug ar2209 73gn 2540fps
75gn 2600fps
this bullet is meant for lower velocities (9.3 x 62?)

300gn swift aframe ar2209 70 gn 2415 fps
71 gn 2446 fps
72 gn 2480 fps.
stout recoil on my light rifle.
investigate the 250 and 286 aframe in light of this.

ar2209 is sold as h4350 other than australia, and is manufactured here by a d i.
not too different to imr4350.
it is less temp sensative than some powders.
most of these loads have some degree of compression.
hope this helps someone, as i had trouble finding data, and there were huge differences in some found.

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