Iron Will WIDE Single Bevel Test

Very cool. How did it compare to the standard width single bevel you reviewed 1-2 years ago? I would assume the wider broadhead would take more damage than the narrow (standard) due to a shallower angle.

Maybe I’m wrong?
So they come in the 150g configuration with or without bleeders. Nothing lighter or heavier for now. Considering they are wide and the maker says they're great flight out to 50 yard I would expect if they make others they'll start with heavier ones. If your shooting being 50 the regular solid single bevels are what you should look at.
Interesting. A score right up there with Slick Trick magnums, my go-to.

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beautiful reel. do you have some room in the price? James
just posted an Buffalo and sable package on the deals page, please have look!

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