Howdy from North East Texas

Welcome. You will love hunting in Namibia!
Ridgewalker some good people over in the Honey Grove and Bonham area. What part of the country did you transplant to? I can't believe that I'm actually going to hunt Africa. Heck I'm just a Northeast Texas Redneck that grew up hunting, fishing and trapping in my backyard. I've never hunted anywhere I didn't live. It's definitely going to be a childhood dream come true. Business commitments have prevented me from hunting since 2007. While looking for summer hunting opportunities such as south Texas exotics I stumbled across AH and the ball started rolling. Everything came together while talking to one of the only people I know that has hunted Africa. He shared some of his experiences and then told me that if he had not gone the year he did he probably wouldn't have ever been able to go, due to health issues that developed the next year. Don't put it off, you never know if another opportunity will ever present itself.

TXGunVault, I have lived in Colorado for the last 40 years. Until last winter I drove to East Texas 4-5 times a year to visit my mother. She died at 95. Wonderful East Texas lady!
I have been to Africa twice now and booked again next summer. At my age I don’t have that much time left to do it, so I set aside some funds (when I retired) in a “hunting/fishing” account which so far has worked out well for me.
You’re going to have a fantastic first trip, then you’ll be hooked too! One thing I really like about it is you get to pull the trigger as much as you can afford unlike here in the states where I might get an elk tag and antelope, or elk and deer, etc. Maybe two to three trigger pulls per season here in Colorado.
Welcome aboard TexasGunVault. Hunting Africa is different from anything you've ever done before. Have you booked your safari yet? If not, be sure to ask for some quotes from the Outfitters that are sponsors. These guys get vetted on an almost daily basis. As a general rule you get more than you expect in the quality of the animals taken. Have you decided on what species of animals you which to hunt?
Dear TXGunVault
Welcome to this great Forum. Enjoy the planning process of your scheduled safari.
Thanks for the welcome and encouragement from everyone. It's nice to hear from so many on AH that have connections in my stomping grounds. Shootist43 I have already booked the hunt. I needed to get that done and settled or I would just keep putting is off. Plains game is all that I know for sure with Kudu being at the top of the list. I'm confident that this will not be my last trip so I want to concentrate on enjoying the experience and not necessarily filling tags. Hopefully I'll be able to go again in a couple of years and my son and son-in-law will be able to go too. This trip looks like, at this time, I'll be going solo. Hoping it will be a learning experience so I can ease the concerns of my family members and they will join in the future.
Welcome to AH!
Welcome! Hopefully you can join us at the annual DSC dinner held for the members of this forum.

Take Care,
Marius Goosen
Welcome to the Safari addicts sight and good luck on your first Safari hope to see your hunt report in 2018.
I know EXACTLY where you are coming from! I can never get away from my store in the fall. Hope you have a great 1st hunt in Africa. (all tax deductible being a business owner!)

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