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For more than a year we have been working on our guest house/trophy room/gentlemen's club/ and now gun room. We are finished! At least till the next piece of preserved fauna appears.

The gun room was a real challenge. The guest house is a carriage house design sitting above the carport. So, pouring yards of reinforced concrete wasn't an option. Steel plate was also a concern due to total weight and the difficulty of constructing over it. With the advice of a security company, what we went with was the "Deadwood Jail" solution of building a steel cage - walls, ceiling, and floor. It won't stop a professional with a cherry picker, power tools, and a couple of hours of time (neither will my gun safe). But it will stop a couple of punks with thirty minutes and a crowbar. And hopefully, the security system will alert the sheriff before the pros are done.


I am really happy with the final product. I am no longer beating the hell out of fine rifles and guns trying to get them out of the safe, and I have a comfortable spot to clean them and enjoy them. And because it is adjacent to the trophy room, it makes looking over one or more an easy and fun thing when friends are out at the place.


And I think the design works well with the rest of the trophy room. I have posted pictures of it before, but it is now pretty much complete.




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A very elegant space you have created. Nicely done!
That is sweet! Great job and one heck of a gun collection you have there! I can see why you went through all that trouble. From the looks of the place as a whole I'd be telling the guests to stay in the main house with the lady, and I'd be living there! Very nice, love the setup
Very Impressive! I'm jealous. ;)
Absolutely gorgeous! Now I understand you having to shop for an El Greco for the wife. It appears she was very tolerant of your indulgencies during the part year! If there is an Architectural Digest for gunrooms, you and the new room should be on the front cover!!!
Absolutely beautiful. Someone knew what they were doing.
Well done sir! That looks extremely inviting. Looking at your firearms collection makes me feel better about my much smaller one. Love the wood and how you have displayed your trophies. Congrats on a wonderful space! Bruce
Beautiful...would love to see it!
truly a great job

My solution was a "Panic Room" of sorts. I was rebuilding after a fire that gutted the first floor, so I had a clean slate. We redesigned the floorplan to "remove" a small bedroom. The old access was covered with a much needed closet. Access to the "Room" was through a hidden door (behind a built in bookshelf on hidden hinges).

The bookcase covered a steel exterior door with a combination lock, set into 4x4 posts for the frame. To secure the "room" we used studs on 12" centers (instead of 16"), then ran rebar horizontal every 12". The exterior wall was typical "wallboard" behind that was 1" plywood, then the studs, then more plywood, then wallboard on the interior walls. Finally we filled the gaps with shredded tyres. The rubber grabs onto cutting tools. Its not foolproof but pretty good.

I had always planned to add an alarm system that deployed pepper spray; but sold the house before I got around to it.

If I do it again (cant tell you hahahaha), I'll add a hidden exit door in the exterior wall, so that if Im ever worried about a breach that we cant handle with the armory stored inside all we would have to do is open the door and punch through the siding on the house.
Sir this is most impressive. You have created what many of us dream of doing! Congrats on the project and on a fine collection of firearms!
I would love to see this someday. Perhaps your efforts will spark some of us to get off our rear ends and do something!
Wow!!! Awesome!!! Well Done:A Way To Go:
Good for you. It is wonderful, you should have many years of enjoyment.
AWESOME!!! What a great place to relax in!
So when are we having a party?
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is amazing! Beautiful! AWESOME!!!!!!

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