Favorite game to eat on your safari

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Mar 13, 2022
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I am a hunter for many reasons. Like all of us here.

I enjoy everything about big game hunting. Enjoying game on the table is one of them. Actually a very important part for me. I always tell myself the hunt isn't over until the meat is gone.

The reason I thought of this was because I just enjoyed an elk steak I harvested last year. Made me think of the game we enjoyed in Africa recently.

I realize hunting in Africa is different from hunting in the US. It is virtually impossible to export meat from the animals your harvest. This is much different than what I am used to from being a resident in the US. I realize it is the laws and logistics, I know that every pound of meat we harvest is utilized. If not, I wouldn't hunt.

When I was in Africa our camp chef (the best) prepared meat from what we harvested the previous day. I enjoyed it very, very much. To me it is an important part of the hunt. I sampled Zebra, Springbok, Nylala, Kudu and some chops. One especially delicious meal was a Steenbok stew that we enjoyed very much. One day late in the hunt I harvested a zebra. It was a big old fella and when we got it loaded in the truck I was tired and thirsty,tired, sleep deprived, sweaty and...thirsty. I road a few miles back to camp with our tracker, a nice young gentleman named George. He looked at me and smiled and told me "My family likes zebra! Tonight we eat Zebra." We shook hands, hugged and I thanked him for all his help. A great young man. It made me happy he'd have something his family enjoyed.

Anyway. I couldn't find a post on this whole forum about what you all like to eat from your game animals in Africa.

I'll start. My favorite is Springbok tenderloin.

Beverages. I got to meet Castle Lager. We got along well. After dark a couple fingers of any distilled spirits on ice was good before dinner.

A Springbok shooter was done in respect for each animal we harvested.

A great part of the hunting experience.

Thank you Africa.
Sable schnitzel with a Castle or Brandy and coke
I did not have anything that I did not like. Blesbok schnitzel, Kudu steaks, Wildebeest sausage of some sort.... all of it was excellent

But my absolute favorite was Waterbuck tenderloin cooked on the braii. Super tender with lots of flavor
I got to sample every animal I shot.

Zebra, hands down, for meat. Simply freaking incredible.

That said, Brittany's wildebeest lasagna is the best food of any kind I have ever eaten. I hope and pray I can talk her into it when I go back in June.
Our chef "Aggie" made the best lasagna in the continent. Eland from the previous hunters in camp.

I am happy that the hunters following us got a chance to enjoy what we harvested.

A message to all the outfitters on this forum. Your hunters really enjoy the opportunities you give your guests to enjoy eating the game animals your camps have to offer!. And also knowing that the animals harvested are respected by those that do get to enjoy them. Thank you!
Isn't it great how the camps cook on coal like that.
I for one love all of them. I didn’t have a bad meal, at lunch I would eat light, but at dinner I would put it down. I figured I wouldn’t eat this good for a long time! Eland was amazing. I cannot wait to get back. The only thing we didn’t try was zebra. Reading these posts sort of makes me want to shoot one! Lunch one day we had kudu burgers, oh baby
wildebeest lasagna was awesome but eland filet was the best thing I had. All the meat was fantastic. It helps that it is grilled over a wood fire by people who braai nightly! At the bottom of this page under “similar threads” section you will find some older threads on this topic, but lots of newer guys have delicious info to add-
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Thanks everyone. You can't buy an experience in camp with your PH and friends like this.

One night in camp we had little sausages from wild pigs (it wasn't from me.....I missed my only chance at one running too fast in front of us...) They were terrific.

There is nothing better than enjoying wild game cooked outdoors with a cold beverage with your friends after a day's hunt.

Africa at its best.

Camp cooks. I appreciate them. All of the staff too.
I had my first zebra this past June and it was fantastic.

Hands down the best wild game meat that I have had in Africa.
I make it a point to eat some each game animal I've hunted in Africa. I've liked it all, but my favourite for taste and texture is Eland. Eland is wonderful.
But the most memorable by far was elephant heart. There is something primitively satisfying about eating the heart of the animal that just tried to kill you, and nearly succeeded. A good way to celebrate surviving a charge.

Zebra, simply prepared. As fine a piece of meat as I have ever sampled. Has me seriously considering plating one of my neighbors donkeys....they do sound and behave just like Zebras, just no stipes! ;)

It gives a new meaning when you are looking at wild horses.

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